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A Letter to Maude Barlow at the Council of Canadians

I was talking with Ruth Meta on December 16th, when she told me that Bob Ages  from the Council of Canadians was going to be taking over mediation of Occupy Vancouver’s moderated Facebook page. We both did some research and felt uncomfortable with the transparency in OV’s relationship.Ruth wrote the letter below and I decided …

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Is Occupy Vancouver a Pawn to the Unions? (and others)

Watching this video makes me feel cheap, used, and taken advantage of in many ways. Like we may have been a sideshow for a union’s aspiration to get ‘cred’ with their membership. Curiously, this event happened at the same time as a hearing about OV at city hall- most of us were either there, or …

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CoV Provides Just Under $1 million of Overtime Bonuses!

I’ll always remember the first day of Occupy Vancouver, and how impressed I was with the city’s level of preparedness. They grounds were cleaned-up, there were professionally made signs warning people not to use tent pegs, and there was steel fencing installed over a what I think was a stairwell- protecting people from falling into …

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Vancouver (DTES,Unionist,CoC,Etc) Black Bloc, You are Useful Idiots!

Do you actually believe your pseudo Waffen SS tactics could do anything but hurt a movement that is founded in love and peace? And, do you actually believe you have the foundation to make this a reality?Perhaps it’s just the reverberations of yesterday’s meditational yoga experience- but, this appears to be a somewhat deluded perception…Please read through …

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Occupations Gone Bad… (Denver & Vancouver got hit by a boulder…)

An article was shared with me today about the goings-on in Denver. They are apparently experiencing some hard times. Here’s a quote from it: (click for link)“Our decision is based on festering frustrations with a small sector of OD who continue to marginalize, silence, and threaten our communities and ally communities. Despite the hard work …

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