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Occupy Vancouver is an unsafe place (Dare you walk down her path?)

I had a chance meeting with someone on the ferry a couple of days ago. He was friends with Ashlee, the girl who tragically died at Occupy Vancouver. He confirmed his belief that the incident was not connected to Occupy- but part of her personal experience. I could see how he was touched by her …

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Follow-Up to My Posting on Black Bloc Terrorism…

It has been a few days since I posted my question about the Black Bloc– and, as expected, it seemed to have upset a person or two. It’s not that I have intended to offend them, I’d much rather write positive stories like the story in the Observer, or the Occupy Harper and Occupy Skytrain …

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Are Black Bloc Tactics Terrorism?

I’ve been doing some reading on the history of the Black Bloc the past few days- fascinating stuff. And, each day, it┬ábecomes┬ámore apparent that the Black Bloc is a serious menace for more cities than Vancouver. This menace is going Global, fast- will write more about this in the future… For today, I want to …

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My Response to Mr Neil of The Council of Canadians

Dear Mr Neil, Thank you for the quick response. I have always held your organization in great esteem, and have no expectation the Council of Canadians wants to bring Occupy Vancouver to the point of revolution! This is inconceivable to me, as it always has been of course! Your’s is an organization I’d aspire to …

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A Response from Garry Neil From The Council of Canadians

This letter is the response to: A Letter to Maude Barlow at the Council of Canadians ___________________ December 20, 2011 Dear Greg, Thank you for your December 16 email concerning the Council of Canadians and the Occupy movement. I want to assure you that the Council is not in any way trying to “take over” …

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