These Are The People Occupy Vancouver Marched To Support Today? WTF?

Occupy Oakland is notorious for its issue with the Black Bloc. Starhawk has been rather vocal about this issue- there is a great debate about it on Youtube

Starhawk- a well known critic of Black Bloc tactics

Today, Occupy Vancouver marched in solidarity with what happened in the above video. Now, I’m no fan of the Oakland PD, they have done some pretty unpalatable stuff. That said, watching the video above- is it any wonder things went bad yesterday? It is clearly transparent the people in the video were out for a fight!

So, considering this, isn’t it rather odd that OV marched in solidarity with this action? And, isn’t it even more odd that OV asked people to come wearing black? Was this an Occupy Oakland solidarity march, or was it solidarity for the Black Bloc?

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