Why Are @OccupyBayStreet ‏Such Rabid Haters?

Doug Johnson Hatlem- a strangely vengeful Christian…

O you who turn justice to wormwood and cast down righteousness to the earth!  ~Amos 5:7 

One of the more interesting characters I’ve met since I’ve been in Toronto is the ‘street preacher’ Doug Johnson Hatlem from @OccupyBayStreet. This is a man who identifies as a Christian- yet, long before he had ever met me he had apparently cast judgement

I had another interesting exchange with Doug on Twitter this morning, challenging him to take care of someone who is a real problem in the Occupy Toronto community.

So, someone ‘on the inside’ of the lefty world uses a Nazi slur against a Jewish person, and this is his reaction? That’s fair, except, when put into the context of how Doug treated me- in this case, it exposes he has an agenda…

So, I asked him to provide some evidence that I’m worse than someone who makes Nazi slurs to Jews. Because, so far, they haven’t produced a single piece of credible evidence for all of the slandering they have made:

His response was quite interesting:

Wow! That makes me sound like a monster, doesn’t it? Even I was surprised by his accusations. That said, I have made many thousands of tweets/retweets, so I wasn’t sure what he was referring to. After some digging (they must have spent hours auditing my tweets!) I found them. Here’s the first:

This is an interesting one, and I retweeted it because it made some significant accusations about bad behavior of Dave Vasey and his crowd in hijacking Occupy Toronto. But, how is it that I’m responsible for the language used by the person who write the original tweet? Is Doug crazy, or is he trying desperately hard to defame me? Hmm…

Let’s look at the next retweet I sent that caused Doug to decide I am worthy of being excluded from the Occupy Movement:

Okay, well, I guess I can’t be accused of good taste in my choice to share a Beavis & Butthead message. It was a message to a friend of mine back from college- he got a good laugh out of it. But, is this enough for Doug, a devout Christian, to suggest I am excluded from the movement?

Judge not, yet you too will be judged! ~Mat 7:1

Apparently, rather than concentrate on the fight against the 1%, the good folk at @OccupyBayStreet have compiled an 11 10 page document about yours truly!

This is deeply disturbing on a few levels:

1.) Who do they think they are, the KGB or the Stasi? What gives these people the right to be compiling dossiers on people? I thought Doug was a Mennonite, not a Scientolgist!

2.) 10 pages, 11 pages, which one is it? Why does the story keep changing?

3.) I’ve asked, multiple times, that they release these accusations to me. Yet, for some reason, they won’t do this. Isn’t this slightly odd?

And, do you remember the two things they told me not to talk about last time we met? George Soros & the Black Bloc! Things that make you go hmm….

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