Who’s The New Canada Party? (Feat. Kevin Annett, Harsha Wallia & Pat Atkinson!)

Someone posted a link to an interesting Facebook page a few days ago. The discussion had nothing to do with Kevin Annett, nor with anything I’ve been writing about. The link was for the New Canada Party- the person who posted it was just asking if anyone knew anything about them. They piqued my interest, so I went to the page and checked it out. And, wow, was I ever surprised to see what I found there…

According to Wikipedia, the New Canada Party is a short-lived group that existed back in the 60’s. I’ve searched on Google for more information, but haven’t been able to see anything recent about this party. So, it is rather curious to see it being revived on Facebook. Particularly, because of the people involved- but, also because of the content.

You can imagine how surprised I was to discover that lots of the content on this page seems to be about Kevin Annett. The above example was posted my Marci Lane- she’s a co-conspirator of Annett’s who has been running his radio show ever since Nell Cole walked away from it. Marci is a very active supporter of Annett’s, I’ve been hounded by her online many times.

So I decided to do some research and dig into who the members of the group were. When I joined, there were only 55 people (a few others have joined recently) so it was a rather easy task. It was also rather shocking- I never expected to what I would discover doing this.

First, about Judy Rebick. She’s not a member of this group- but, she is connected to several members, and her name keeps connecting to people involved in this whole mess. She’s also deeply connected to people in the Black Bloc world- and one of convicted G20 kingpin Alex Hundert’s greatest supporters. She has so many connections to people who are meddling with indigenous affairs that I thought it was important to make the connections here.

Now, let me share some short bits of information on the other people involved in the group:

1. Kevin Annett

We all know who Annett is by now. He’s the con-artist who lied about finding children’s bones at a ‘mass grave’ at the Six Nations reserve in Brantford Ontario. Kevin has three accounts on Facebook (that I know of)- curiously, two of his accounts are members of this group. I never expected to find him here when I checked-out the page.

2. Marci Lane

As I have explained, Lane is one of Annett’s most staunch supporters. She runs his radio show, and she is also all over the net writing things to promote Annett’s activities.

3. Harsha Walia

Wow! This is probably the most interesting find of all- it is a very small world to find Harsha in this group. She’s the leader of No One Is Illegal, and a prominent supporter of Black Bloc activities in Vancouver. Like Rebick (who she is closely associated with) Wallia is deeply involved in meddling with indigenous affairs. Walia has had connections with Annett in the past, but it was my understanding that she had severed them. But, now, I am led to wonder what her involvement is with all of this.

4. Pat Atkinson

Seeing Atkinson here is another big ‘wow’. Atkinson is a recently retired NDP (Canada’s lefty socialist party) Member of the Saskatchewan legislature- she is famous for being the longest serving female member. Atkinson was the leader of the opposition, and also held a number of cabinet positions including minister of social services, health, education, Crown corporations, and finance. Atkinson is connected with Judy Rebick, and was a real power-player in Canadian politics. Has she jumped-ship for another party?

5. Jim Brown

Jim Brown is the administrator of this page. He also runs parkavenuegazette.com a site that is labelled as “Supporting the New Canada Party”. The page appears to have a lot of focus on issues in Quebec, including much content with an ‘anglophone nationalist’ focus. And, curiously, the page has an article right up-front supporting the battle for the High Park Mounds- an action led by radicals of the Six Nations over part of Toronto’s High Park where there is a claim that there are burial mounds (though, most people don’t believe they are).  An interesting fact about the mounds is that the city was planning to build a BMX track by a man named Jay Hoots from Vancouver. Hoots was also involved in designing a track in North Vancouver that was coincidentally also being built on what claimed to be burial mounds.

6. Rob Morgan

Rob works for the Vancouver Area Network Of Drug Users (VANDU) based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. I’ve written a lot about VANDU and how they are funded by Vancouver Coastal Health. VANDU is a radical organization that campaigns for “drug user’s rights”. They are also deeply connected to Harsha Walia, and people like David Eby. The more I dig into this group, the smaller the world seems.

7. Tom Swanky

Swanky is a researcher and public speaker who focusses his work on the issue of smallpox and it’s introduction to indigenous communities. Swanky’s work was also quoted in Annett’s book Hidden No Longer.

So, I’m still researching a number of other people connected with this page- and, I’ll be digging deeper to find out more information about the New Canada Party. Is this a real party now? Is it being revived from the old one, or did they just choose the same name? Why are they so focussed on Kevin Annett, and what are the member’s connections to him? What are Harsha Wallia & Pat Atkinson’s connection to all of this?

This is a very interesting collection of people to see grouped together. Now, if the page had 100’s of members, I’d perhaps not be so curious about how some of the people came to the page. But, considering how small the group is, and who is there- my curiosity has definitely been piqued.

If you, my dear readers, have any information to share- I’d greatly appreciate your input…

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  1. Big danger alert! Big danger from this group doing this. I will have no part of any democracy ran by these tyrants.

    1. Yeah, this whole thing is getting a bit creepy. The more I look into Annett, the more I’m worried that there are bigger people behind him…

      1. he is a ‘small fish’ no longer as people used to like using as an excuse to ignore his fraud

        1. Indeed. We must treat Annett as a bigger fish than people have suspected. We all must dig deep into his connections and networks too. Any help people can give researching the people listed in this article would be greatly appreciated. We may find something important in all of this…

          1. I’d gamble that there is. It would be nice to have some insider help, perhaps an ally in government who can see this scam for what it is without drawing the notice of all this international socialist cancer in our government and it’s institutions, running fake charity ngo’s designed to train the leaders of their “puppeteered” activist movements and totally usurping canadian activism initiatives.

    • tutti durruti on August 31, 2012 at 22:06
    • Reply

    Uhm, if you bothered to fact check this piece at all (i.e.: click the “see all” FB link), you’d notice that kevin annett and harsha walia were INVITED to join the group by someone, presumably one of the group’s admins. Given that they are still listed as “invited” (in walia’s case, 3 months after the fact, btw), i highly doubt they are active members. More likely, they are high profile activists who the admin wanted to join his group. Honestly Greg, do you even pretend to check facts any more?

    1. That doesn’t change anything- they are all in a (very small group.)

        • Foxtrot on September 1, 2012 at 07:02
        • Reply

        Actually, it does change things. I get invited to a lot of Facebook pages and groups and don’t get around to responding. If he’s been invited and hasn’t joined it means he’s not a member. He might not even realize he’s been invited if, like many FB members, he doesn’t check his notifications. Harsha Wali has also beein “invited” but hasn’t joined. And there’s an even bigger name – former Liberal MLA Judy Tyabji has been “invited”. Sorry Greg, you’re grasping at straws here.

    • jessica smith on August 31, 2012 at 22:11
    • Reply

    wow you are so diligent and resourceful, i bet you get paid well

    1. I wish I got paid well. The funny thing is, every time I am right on-target with an article, the hate and attempts to smear come so quickly. Thank you for confirming my suspicions!

      It’s very interesting to see you are writing from Saskatchewan…

  2. While it’s true that you can add people to groups that you create on FB, the person at the other end, gets an e-mail stating… so-and-so added you to the group________. You can then go on the group and remove yourself. However, you cannot ignore the fact that Judy Rebick and Pat Atkinson are no strange bedfellows, nor is Judy Rebick and Harsha Wallia, nor is Judy Rebick strangers with Kevin Annett. So what does Marci Lane think that posting a bunch of stuff about Kevin on the New CanadaParty have to do with anything? Nothing except Kevin has declared himself Interim President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Kanata…. essentially the king of ‘decolonized’ Canada. A position he hopes to obtain with the help of residential school victims testimonies and the ITCCS. This rabbit hole goes pretty deep.

    1. This rabbit hole does, indeed, go pretty deep. Each day I spend researching it I am constantly amazed by what I find out.

      For example, I just found out that Nell Cole (who ran Annett’s radio show for years- helped him get famous) will be having Judy Rebick on her radio show soon!

      Judy Rebick on Nell Cole's Show

      Curiouser and curiouser…

      1. oh but of course! You should feed her some of the juicier bits about rebick so that she is ready for her radio appearance.

    • Foxtrot on September 1, 2012 at 07:07
    • Reply

    Yeah but Heather, Kevin Annett, Harsha Walia (and Judy Tyabji) weren’t even added. They were “invited” and haven’t responded. It’s quite likely they don’t even realise they’ve been invited since a lot of people just ignore or get behind on their notifications. I guess I better go check what I’ve been invited to since, for all I know, I’ve been “invited” to join the Taliban or the KKK so I’d better go and decline before someone comes along and decides that because I’m “invited” I must be a member, must agree with the invitation or must even be aware of it.

      • Ms. Divine on September 3, 2012 at 07:44
      • Reply

      You’re an idiot. I manage a few facebook groups, and people that I (or other admins) bring into the group directly are considered “invited”, whereas people that request to join and are then added are classified as “added by ________”. Also, you are immediately put in the group, which in my opinion is a really annoying feature. I come home from work, have been invited into a group while there, and have 50 notifications that I have to sort through when I get home to see if any of it is relevent to me.

      People invite me directly all the time.

      Learn to facebook, Foxtrot.

        • Foxtrot on September 3, 2012 at 17:49
        • Reply

        Do you always try to persuade people by insulting them and calling them “idiots”? Whatever. It’s a Facebook page – who cares? I belong to a few dozen Facebook pages but it doesn’t mean anything. I see Greg Renouf and Lawrence are also members of this page – does this mean they’re part of the grand conspiracy too? If this group is of such grave importance why haven’t they reported on any actual activity by it beyond mere membership of a page? Is it a registered political party? No? It’s a Facebook page. If you want to live in woo-woo land and invest great importance in minutia then go ahead but don’t expect anyone else to think it’s important.

        1. Nixon was exposed after reporters connected the dots between people and relationships. If there were a couple hundred people in the group I’d have thought nothing of it at all. If a group only has 55 people, there’s more possibility people are connected. I have no idea what the answer is. My only thought is that it is like peeking through the rabbit hole sometimes.

        2. Nixon was exposed after reporters connected the dots between people and relationships. If there were a couple hundred people in the group I’d have thought nothing of it at all. If a group only has 55, then there is more possibility people are connected. I have no idea what the answer is. My only thought is that it is like peeking through the rabbit hole sometimes.

    • Foxtrot on September 1, 2012 at 07:17
    • Reply

    Also, I think calling this a “revived” group is a huge stretch. According to Wikipedia, the “New Canada Party” in the 1960s was one guy – it wasn’t until 1972 that a new Elections Act required party registration was enacted, prior to that a candidate could describe him or herself anyway they liked on the ballot as long as they didn’t falsely declare themselves the nominee of an established party – that’s why you had a lot of “parties” that only ever ran one candidate. The only thing this “group” (if you can call a Facebook page that) has with the “New Canada Party” of the 1960s is the name which is probably entirely coincidental. Your research has been better of late but you still need to be careful to avoid your old habit of jumping to conclusions based on scant or non-existent evidence. “Filling in the blanks” out of your imagination and using that as fact doesn’t stand up under scrutiny.

    • Mr. Bloc. . on September 1, 2012 at 09:46
    • Reply

    Greg, since yet another person claims that you are paid well, dude, buddy, listen, can I borrow twenty bucks till pay day ? I need to get a new black mask and black hoodie . Thank you in advance

    1. Go ask Judy Rebick, she’s your paymaster, not me…

    • The Hammer on September 1, 2012 at 12:57
    • Reply

    It is hard to tell the difference between the black bloc and neo-nazis just by looking at them. Have a look at this picture of some neo-Nazis. It is hard to tell them from the black bloc:


    • brotherwolf1 on September 1, 2012 at 18:33
    • Reply

    Usually , when there is a group of persons involved in something big those persons do tend to be a front men who get all the attention but as you postulated , even they are controlled by bigger interests and handlers.

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