Penetrating Deeper Into The Mystery Of RCMP Corporal Jim Brown’s Sex Scandal

Is he about to Mountie her?

This morning I learned an interesting new theory about what could have been behind the story of RCMP Corporal Jim Brown. He’s the Mountie who had a scandal involving sadomasochistic photographs that he posted online. One of the pictures included his face, and the others didn’t. As would be expected- the mainstream media went apeshit with it…

There are some open questions about if the pictures are real or not. Erotic Vancouver (NSFW) reported that the pictures may not be real. But, they have an update on September 6th saying that the CBC claims they have seen evidence that makes them believe is true.

Regardless, at least one of the pictures is undisputed- everyone agrees it is of Corporal Jim Brown. One part of me feels bad for Brown- he screwed up in quite an undeniable way. On the other hand, what the hell was this guy thinking?

A cop is bound to make an enemy or two in their work- right? Knowing that, it was practically inevitable that the undisputed picture would be used against him. Perhaps part of him wanted the world to know about this part of his life? We’ll probably never know.

I think that the more interesting question is how did the story get out to the media?

It could have been many things. A jealous lover, a nosy neighbour, an anti-police hacker, a thoroughly diligent mainstream media reporter (ha!). Well, this new theory I read (which is unconfirmed) is that it may be connected to people in the Lower Mainland’s anti-police community.

I learned about this when someone linked to my story on my site here- Gregory William’s eloquent document proclaiming that it is an activist’s duty to mess around with the police. They speculated that the Casseroles types were using “Diversity of Tactics” (meaning, ‘anything goes’) to justify such a harsh move against Corporal Brown. They believe that they can draw it to one (or two) people.

So the question is, if this is true, who is the person who played so dirty? And, if they decided to take down Corporal Brown as an individual, are they being the change they want to see?

I don’t see this theory as being out of the question. There are criminals who want to instigate ‘class war’ with the police. Many of them are misguided, some are true-believers, and some behind the curtains have revolutionary goals. By shaking-up the fabric of society they hope to create enough chaos to overturn the system.

If this theory is true, and the anti-police crowd are getting this sophisticated, we should expect to live in very interesting times…

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    • Jamie Lee Hamilton on September 12, 2012 at 03:42
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    You miss the point here Greg. Officer Jim Brown was involved in missing women investigation. Now we learn he was involved in SM lifestyle. Pics showed him holding knife to women’s throat. That is torture. No wonder those pics were made public as Missing Women of DTES were also tortured and I applaud whoever had the courage to see that they got into the media’s hands. Would you want that officer investigating women who were sexually assaulted or abused?

    • sheray on September 12, 2012 at 13:38
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    I first learned of this man on the lawyer Cameron Ward’s website. I think it is important to note that Jim Brown was a lead detective on the Missing Women investigation during the time prior to Pickton’s arrest. Apparently his profile picture on a fetish website was of himself and a woman with a knife to her throat… horrific considering he was investigating women who were hung and gutted by a serial killer. The idea of whether someone was out there to take him down is secondary to the situation, in my opinion. Although I have previously stated that there are good cops out there making a difference, a cop like this should be taken down.

    • Lo Jack on September 14, 2012 at 20:06
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    Theory? or fiction. Everyone who knows anything about it knows already that the disclosure of the pornographic images, such as the one reproduced above, were done by the Re-sergeance Alliance.

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