#BaltimoreRiots Protest: Student Unions, Racists & Useful Idiots (Feat. Ryerson Student Union, CFS)

A large crowd showed up...

A large crowd showed up…

On Saturday afternoon a group of protesters gathered in front of Toronto’s police headquarters to protest “in solidarity” with the people rioting in Baltimore. The protest organizer’s media release claimed the event was part of an “international day of action”. If you’ve been following protests for long that phrase probably looks familiar to you, Occupy and Idle No More regularly organized events between cities this way- it’s a tactic commonly used by socialist obedience cults.

Most of the city’s major media outlets came to attend Saturday’s protest, with the majority producing headlines claiming that the protest was about “police carding”- basically, just regurgitating what they read on the media release. The reality of the protest is that it was almost completely focussed on solidarity for the rioters in Baltimore- The Sun and 640 News got it right. Of course, as usual, there’s one thing the media neglected to tell their readers/viewers/listeners- who was behind the protest, and what’s their real agenda?

Who Was Standing Behind The Curtain?

Megaphones: Courtesy of  radical student unions...

Megaphones: Courtesy of radical student unions…

One of the first things I noticed on arriving at the protest was a row of megaphones lined-up on a bench. My good friend Undercoverkity and I walked up to check them out and made an interesting discovery. The first had a label from Ryerson University’s student union (RSU), the megaphones on the other end had labels identifying them as property of the Canadian Federation of Students.

The protest was officially organized by a group calling itself “Black Lives Matter Toronto”. But if you look carefully at the group one can see that it’s pretty much an extension of the student unions. BLMT was co-founded by Rodney Diverlus, the former president of the RSU. The RSU don’t like Undercoverkity, who uncovered irregularities (alleged cheating) in the management of their ballot boxes, so they gave him some ugly looks.

Zidane Mohamed (carrying papers) looked shocked to see me...

Zidane Mohamed (carrying papers) looked shocked to see me…

Another high-profile organizer of Saturday’s protest was Zidane Mohamed. He’s a real charmer who got a lot of publicity as a candidate during the last RSU election when he publicly applauded the murder of two New York police officers. Ryerson University president Sheldon Levy called Mohamed’s comments “disgusting”, it’s hard not to agree with him. Mohamed’s LinkedIn page identifies him as a former member of the Communist Party of Canada, and a current member of the Young Communist League of Canada. Luckily for Ryerson’s students, Mohamed lost the election.

Last, and perhaps not least, is Lena Peters. Like the previous two, Peters has been busy running BLMT protests over the past year. She identifies as a specialist in anti-oppression methodologies- a tactic that’s as often used by radicals to create division and push away people who are “undesirable”. Curiously, Peters’ LinkedIn page says she was formerly employed by the Ontario NDP as a Development Officer.

The RSU has had no shortage of wackiness over the past few years. In 2013 they shut-down a men’s issues group that tried to open a campus chapter. In 2014 BLMT led a meeting where they told white people not to talk to the media. In 2015 RSU president (and BLMT organizer) Rajean Hoilett supported a campus group’s racist decision to deny white people access to a meeting of the “Racialized Students Collective”.

Who Else Showed Up?

Sigrid Kneve of OCAP (middle) with Cathy Walker (right)

Sigrid Kneve of OCAP (middle) with Cathy Walker (right)

I should start off this section by making it clear that the vast majority of people who attended the protest were ordinary citizens, just regular folk who feel passionate about the issue of police violence and racial issues. It’s likely that only a minority were cognizant they were being led by members of a radical student union, and an even smaller number were aware of the racists, Communists, and other wackadoodles in their midst.

Outside of the organizers, the first two people I recognized were Sigrid Kneve of the (riot loving) Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, and former Occupy Toronto “personality” Cathy Walker. Kneve was exposed on this site last year as part of an operation trying to provoke former mayor Rob Ford. Walker was exposed for her racist comments that Islamic groups need to take Hollywood away from “the Jews”. Both have been exposed for their involvement in a racist, anti-Semitic, and hateful Livestream broadcast from the grounds of Ryerson University.

In March I filmed Walker telling-off the crowd at the Bill C-51 protest for walking in-front of her and her First Nations friends. She literally told them they must go to the back of the protest, behind the native contingent, because it’s “our land”. Showing their lack of an ability to question her overt racism, the people in the crowd repeated her message using the Occupy style “peoples mic” and complied with her demands.

Notorious racist Davin Ouimet (a.k.a Davyn Calfchild) in camouflage hat

Notorious racist Davin Ouimet (a.k.a Davyn Calfchild) in camouflage hat

Walker was accompanied by her husband Davin Ouimet. Davin is one of the most racist people I’ve met in the activist community- curiously (considering the protest), he has a serious hate-on for black people. Last year he was caught marching with a Confederate flag. When he attended the Sammy Yatim protest he was filmed being racist to a black cop, complaining how he was “oppressing” the crowd saying “you probably did that to your own people back in Africa” (the cop wasn’t from Africa).

Besides his hatred for black people, Ouimet has also been filmed hating on Mexicans, Jews, Italians, whites and Chinese. Davin is a real charmer, if one ever needed more evidence of this it came in 2013 when he decided it was a good idea to interrupt Toronto’s Remembrance Day event. His actions were so distasteful that a fellow indigenous protester stood-up and called him out on his bad behaviour.

Occupy Toronto's David Kahan

Occupy Toronto’s David Kahn

Another familiar face from Occupy Toronto was David Kahn, a gun aficionado who’s not known for his love of the police.  Kahn was covered on this website in 2012 then he openly promoted people use violence against them. He made no efforts to hide this, making a posting on Facebook saying:

“The best legal defence against Police Brutality is to fight back, and be charged with assaulting a police officer. You can drag a lot of evidence into court in a case like this trying to defend your actions to prevent assault from this brutality than you can drag into court trying to prove his brutality. You will never be able to prove his brutality but you can prove you had a reason to defend yourself.”

Of course, showing his cowardliness, Kahn never took his own advice- instead leaving it to younger members of Occupy to follow his (insanely stupid) advice.

Stephanie Guthrie: Social Justice Princess

Social Justice Princess Stephanie Guthrie doing her trademark eye-roll

Stephanie Guthrie is best described as a “social justice princess”. She’s most widely known as one of the complainants in the ongoing  criminal harassment case against “Twitter troll” Gregory Alan Elliott. It’s a bizarre case, the Crown Attorney openly admitted in court that no threats were ever made- it’s entirely based on Guthrie’s claim that he made her feel “creepy”. Last week she made a tweet claiming that Elliott may have sent her a death threat, he says he didn’t, there was zero evidence it was from him.

The Guthzila (as some of her opponents call her) is an angry young woman, you can see in her eye-rolls and body language that she holds some serious angst. She testified in court that in one of her adventures she “sicked the Internet” on a young man who made a tasteless video game- when questioned by the defence if it was okay that his doxing might get him hurt, she said she was perfectly okay with that.

Last week she appeared on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, arguing that there should be limits on the freedom of speech. When Paikin read out a quote from a (lefty) pro free-speech advocate, she discredited the idea based on the fact it was written by a “white male”. Two “racialized” people who were on the show looked and sounded terrified by the ignorance of her remark- one commented that it was inappropriate.

Now Magazine contributor Zach Ruiter

Now Magazine contributor Zach Ruiter

Zach Ruiter is one of the more entertaining clowns in Toronto’s activist community. The protests he leads more often than not turn into cop-baiting sessions, he embarrassed Toronto-Parkdale MPP Cheri DiNovo pretty seriously with one of his anti-nuclear marches. He’s also caused some embarrassment for NDP MP Andrew Cash and MPP Jonah Schein.

Zach has a history of appropriating the voices of indigenous people, at one point making a mockery out of Idle No More- then there was his infamous BannockGate video. Last year he continued his tradition of appropriating the voice of Canada’s native community by telling-off Steve Paikin of TVO for using ‘incorrect’ language. Paikin’s response to Zach was a real laugh riot- claiming that his language is driven by advice he’s received from indigenous Canadians, not some “enviropunk” like Zach.

Matt Hunter- Yet another rabid cop hater

Matt Hunter- Yet another rabid cop hater

Matt Hunter is a regular at anti-police marches. He runs a two-man-show he calls “Cop Block” and is known for his habit of spouting out nonsensical hate. Saturday’s march was no different, this time the genius was caught saying that Toronto police are “trained to escalate situations”.

Going to an anti-racism event- why not write a racist statement on your jacket!

Going to an anti-racism event- why not write a racist statement on your jacket!

The last interesting character was this guy. Most people attending protests complaining about perceived police racism (outside of Ouimet) would be naturally inclined not to broadcast racist messages. He’s a bit different than most, instead writing “I am the death of the palefaces” on the back of his jacket and carrying a sign saying “no racist nations”. It could be said that he was a walking contradiction.

Breaking Through Police Lines At the US Consulate:

Protesters sit-down blocking University Ave in front of the US Consulate

Protesters sit-down blocking University Ave in front of the US Consulate

When the event’s speakers finished their presentations in front of Toronto Police Service headquarters they next marched through downtown streets on their way to the US consulate. When they arrived at their destination a row of bike cops lined-up to block them from walking in front of the building. But as the protesters approached, one of the marshals pushed through the police lines and called on the crowd to follow her- trying to avoid an incident, the cops let them go past.

The protesters sat down on the street and listened to some more speeches. One seriously paranoid young man stood up and told the crowd that a group of Toronto cops were actively trying to “murder” him. Another young man standing behind me yelled out “the pigs can die”. A few minutes later a woman (who was with a very young child) yelled out “kill the pussy fucking police”.

The student unions and socialist obedience cults must have been pleased by these reactions. Their goal is to radicalise useful idiots and encourage people to get militant. We saw this at last year’s Sammy Yatim protests when the labour movement backed anarchists at No One Is Illegal hijacked the family’s march. At the first protest the family claimed the march “isn’t about the police, but about one police officer”- a few days later they were yelling out into a PA system “kill the pigs”.

We live in interesting times…

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