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Updated: G20 Anarchist Kelly Pflug-Back Compares Herself To Jesus!

UPDATE: The Case of The Hairy Legs! A story just came out a short while ago about some women who are initiating a G20 lawsuit because they were profiled by the police because they had ‘hairy legs’. There was a quote in the article that immediately caught my attention: According to the lawyer, the provincial …

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Alfred Webre Aligns Himself With An Incarcerated Criminal And Violent Black Bloc Thugs!

You can tell a man’s integrity by how he handles things when he has been exposed making a mistake. Alfred Webre made the mistake of partnering with Kevin Annett, and he wasn’t very happy when I exposed that to the world. So, rather than take the honourable route and apologise for his mistake, Webre has …

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Talking About the Casseroles On The Roy Green Radio Show Today!

I called into the nationally syndicated Roy Green show today on the Corus radio network. Catherine Swift was on from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. I shared my thoughts on how the Casseroles have been gradually hijacked by the Marxists & Anarchists. To my (happy) surprise, Swift agreed with me entirely! She then goes on …

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Masquerade “Solidarity” March: I Was Assaulted By Black Bloc Thugs! (feat. Maggie Helwig!)

Tonight Toronto had a new variation of the Casseroles marches- the Masquerade Solidarity march- organized by the “Ontario Student’s Mobilization Coalition”. It sounds like something new- right? Well, not quite- it was basically another event organized by the usual suspects…

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CUPE Members! (and others) Write The Union And Ask Them To Stop Supporting Violent Thugs!

This is a video from San Francisco, but notice how the chants being used are the same as here in Toronto? This is the sort of violence that Ashleigh Ingle, teacher to Toronto’s 1% & CUPE leader is encouraging when she marches her gang of rabid animals across the city. And the same violence that Harsha Walia promotes …

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