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Idle No More Unmasked Part II: Who’s The American That Runs The Website? (Feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller)

NOTE: Part I of this series can be found hereIf you’ve spent time reading through Idle No More’s website you’ve probably seen Spencer Mann’s name a few times. Mann is Idle No More’s webmaster, and appears to be responsible for the majority of the content posted on the site. Mann is the sole proprietor of …

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[Updated] Anarchists Light Queen Street Fire, Firefighters Attacked, Toronto Police AWOL, Media Duped?

UPDATE: The story originally identified the person in the beige jacket feeding the fire as Chelsea Flook of the Sierra Club. Flook has written and said that it was not here. Your Humble Narrator apologizes for any misconceptions as a result of this error, but still points out that Flook promoted this event- behaviour that’s …

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Why unifor Scares Me (Part I: Feat Naomi Klein & Harsha Walia)

Will Canada’s new militant union back the use of violence? Will they back those who profess violence? What will this mean for Toronto’s 2015 Pan-Am Games?

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Toronto Media Co-Op Finally Admits Swamp Line 9’s Affinity To Violent Anarchists! (Feat. Trish Mills)

Someone with a sharp eye for anarchist criminality pointed out an interesting picture posted on the Toronto Media Co-Op today. They call it a ‘meme’. At the top, there’s a picture of the Black Bloc anarchists who smashed up Toronto during the G20 saying “Get On the Fence”. At the bottom is a picture of …

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Talking With Ezra Levant About The RadLeft’s Violence Towards Their Critics…

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