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Video Indicates James Holmes May Have Had An Accomplice!

It is very possible that the person in this interview is guessing wrong- after all, there was probably a lot of confusion in the theatre. But, he says clearly that “from what we know he wasn’t alone…the second can of tear gas didn’t come from his side.” Very¬†interesting… The video is after the break…

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Talking About the Casseroles On The Roy Green Radio Show Today!

I called into the nationally syndicated Roy Green show today on the Corus radio network. Catherine Swift was on from the¬†Canadian Federation of Independent Business. I shared my thoughts on how the Casseroles have been gradually hijacked by the Marxists & Anarchists. To my (happy) surprise, Swift agreed with me entirely! She then goes on …

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Jason Bowman Participates In Smearing Mohawk Elders!

Last week Kevin Annett proved he had no shame by bragging about his sexual prowess with marginalized sex workers. Being a competitive bloke, Jason Bowman must have felt the need to one-up Annett on the pond scum scale- so, on Tuesday, he decided to participate in the smearing of the Mohawk elders who denounced Annett …

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Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman’s Phantom Court Case, A No-Show Today…

  I went to the courthouse this morning, and waited there all-day. It turned out to be a waste of time- Jason Bowman obviously was not enough of a man to come and make an apology. Instead, he cowered at home, hoping that this would all fade away. But, it didn’t, and it won’t…

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Vancouver Cop Watch’s Jamie Stuart Richardson Arrested For Forgery!

  I’m not sure how it happens, but when I get a hunch about somebody I’m often right. Jamie Stuart Richardson is the co-founder of Vancouver Cop Watch- or, the tail that was barking as i mentioned in my story. Jamie was responsible for some of Cop Watch’s more distasteful messages like this one he …

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