David Compan Is In A Mental Hospital, And Roseanne Barr Is Part Of The Problem (Feat. Kevin Annett)

We don’t know much about David Compan. He’s a man in his 20’s-30’s, light brown complexion, gold earring in his left ear, he’s married to a woman named Pritame Bal,¬†and speaks in a groovy accent similar to the French taunters in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Like the Frenchmen in the movie, Mr Compan also enjoys …

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Dear Roseanne Barr: Please Stop Promoting Kevin Annett, He’s A Monster

Dear Roseanne, It’s been over two years since we last spoke during Occupy. I appreciated back then how you helped stand-up against the people who were promoting violence in the movement. Ever since that incident I’ve only had good feelings about you- so, please understand, I come in peace. Today I learned some deeply disturbing …

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Kevin Annett’s Nutbar Supporters Invade UK Church…

Kevin Annett is one of the nuttiest people to come out of Canada’s radical left. He began his career as a United Church clergy, but was quickly defrocked after refusing to accept psychiatric counselling. ¬†Filled with anger, Annett began a one man crusade against the church- making up fanciful tales that Canadian churches mass murdered …

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Occupy Toronto Promotes Indigenous Abusing Con-Artist (feat. Kevin Annett, Carrie Lester & Judy Rebick)

It’s widely known that the remaining hangers-on at Occupy Toronto are a clueless bunch, as I described them yesterday, they’re a lot like the Japanese soldiers who were found hiding away a couple decades after WWII who didn’t know that the war was over. If you’ve ever wondered how stupid (or corrupt) OT’s remaining members …

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Further Evidence The Vancouver Observer’s Linda Solomon Is The Worst Kind Of Hack… (feat. Kevin Annett)

  Back in January I published a story about Linda Solomon, the founder and publisher of the Vancouver Observer who launched her newspaper with a rather misleading statement. She claimed that she is a “Pulitzer Nominated” journalist. The problem is that she doesn’t qualify to use that title- a person’s only considered to be a …

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