Two Penny Philanthropist: The Annett Family’s Great Indian Residential School & Tax Fraud Adventure!

If there’s anything that Kevin Annett has proven in his career appropriating the voices of Canada’s residential school survivors it’s that there’s a sucker born every minute. Despite the depth of research done on Annett, repeated denouncements of his fraud by residential school survivors and even a feature length expose by the Aboriginal People’s Television Network- there …

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Kevin Annett Gets His Official Ugly Stick! (feat. Rainbow Warrior Speak, RCMP & The Antichrist!)

I’ve been avoiding writing about Kevin Annett the past few weeks. The word is out, most reasonable people understand he’s a complete fraud (including his fraudulent claim to have discovered a mass grave in Brantford, Ontario), and he’s been putting out a lot of complete nonsense- only a fool would believe in Annett these days. …

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Updated: John Carten (WaterWarCrimes.com) Flunks The Kevin Annett Litmus Test®

Update: Bill Annett has written to Lydia White Calf telling her that there is another William S Annett who is his son and works for a pharmaceutical company in San Francisco. This may, or may not be true- from my experience with the Annett’s, they are not reliable sources… ——————– One of the most wacky, …

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United Nations Recognizes The Jason “Reacharound” Bowman Society For Citizen Prosecutors!

Last week our old friend (or should that be fiend) Jason “Reacharound” Bowman tried to intimidate the Brantford city council by saying that the Mohawk Workers have initiated a partnership with the United Nations. I could immediately tell that Bowman was full of crap (his mouth was moving), so I decided to do a bit …

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Jason Bowman, Bill Squire, Bullshit & Trailer Park Supervisors…

Nobody would have guessed that in the battle between Jason Bowman and Kevin Annett that Bowman could possibly come on-top. After all, Bowman was caught red-handed in a lie that he had filed a case in Toronto’s federal court. Once it became apparent that he didn’t show-up at the courthouse, most reasonable people figured that …

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