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More Laughs From Swamp Line 9 ‘Know Nothing’ Protesters (feat. Occupy Toronto Livestream)

On Thursday afternoon Ezra Levant did an epic show on Sun News sharing his discovery that the people fighting against Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline reversal had very little idea what they were protesting about. One person had the misguided belief that the oil would be filled with abrasive sand. Mike Roy of the London Ontario …

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Toronto Media Co-Op Finally Admits Swamp Line 9’s Affinity To Violent Anarchists! (Feat. Trish Mills)

Someone with a sharp eye for anarchist criminality pointed out an interesting picture posted on the Toronto Media Co-Op today. They call it a ‘meme’. At the top, there’s a picture of the Black Bloc anarchists who smashed up Toronto during the G20 saying “Get On the Fence”. At the bottom is a picture of …

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Ezra Levant Pummels Swamp Line 9 Protesters At Hamilton Court Protest!

The protesters who occupied the Line 9 pumping station in Westover had their first day in court on Wednesday. To celebrate, they and their allies arranged a pre-court protest. A motley crew of anarchists, rabble rousers, and useful idiots showed up- and, as expected, they seriously went off the rails. What was billed as a …

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Ontario Federation of Labour’s Communications Director Attacks UndercoverKity’s Camera! (feat. Joel Duff)

Today was Toronto’s second major protest over the police shooting of Sammy Yatim, a young man who was shot nine times and Tazered by a Toronto police officer after refusing instructions to drop his knife while standing in a streetcar. Videos filmed by people who watched the shooting look pretty bad for the officer who …

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Activists Tampered With Rail Signalling At The December Sarnia Blockade (feat. Mike Roy & Ron Plain)

Back in December a group of indigenous people from the Aamjiwnaang First Nation joined forces with members of Ontario’s anarchist & unionist community and blocked a train line. Many of the ‘usual suspects’ showed-up at the blockade including Sakura Saunders, Dave Vasey, Lana Goldberg, and Ken Lewenza of the Canadian Auto Workers. The blockade has been …

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