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More Racism From Occupy Toronto’s Livestreamers! (feat. Davyn Calfchild & Cathy Walker)

When Occupy Toronto’s Dee Shanger (a.k.a. Captain Yarr) introduced Davyn Calfchild’s First Nations broadcast on Thursday, he announced it as the “longest running show on Livestream”. This may, or may not, be true- Shanger isn’t known for having an affinity for the truth. But, if he’s looking to boast about their achievements, it’s quite likely …

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Recently Busted London Ontario Anarchist Collective Promotes Eco-Terrorist Arson! (feat. The Indignants & Olivia Chow)

Two weeks ago the police in London, Ontario raided members of The Indignants– an anarchist led “media collective” with close ties to Sid Ryan, the Ontario Federation of Labour, and the several Ontario unions. As expected, their supporters complained that they were facing “police oppression”- and, a group of the usual suspects showed up at …

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[UPDATED] OCAP’s Co-Optation Of Sammy Yatim’s Killing, And How His Family & Friends Came Out As Heroes…

UPDATE: It’s probably no surprise to see that OCAP’s sponsor, Sid Ryan’s Ontario Federation of Labour has released a statement on Yatim’s case, continuing the pattern of exploitation. ___________________________________ On July 29th a young man named Sammy Yatim was shot and kiled by police while standing inside of a Toronto streetcar waving around a knife. …

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Occupy Toronto’s Davyn Calfchild Gets Racist With A Black Cop!

Tonight, as the protesters were attacking police officers in front of the Toronto Police Service’s 14 Division, our good friend Davyn Calfchild (a.k.a. Davin Ouilet) joined in with a double helping of racist comments. He began by yelling at the police saying “You can’t f##king own our land forever!”. A couple minutes later he yelled out …

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It Looks Like Toronto’s Anti-Gentrification Battle Is Heating Up… (Feat. Sigrid Kneve & OCAP)

George Street is one of the most depressed parts of Toronto. Situated to the east of downtown, it’s the home to a number of shelters and rows of abandoned houses. Drug addicts roam the streets, with dealers waiting on the sidewalk to fulfil their addictions. It’s a lot like the worst parts of Vancouver’s Downtown …

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