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A Funny Video By Patrick Ross About Last Week’s Black Bloc Attack…

http://youtu.be/0CvHwMYYP_s Conservative Alberta blogger Patrick Ross has made a funny video in response to the attack I got from the Black Bloc guys at last week’s Toronto Casseroles march. It isn’t very flattering to them- but, I couldn’t resist sharing… FYI, the woman at the end of the video, Megan Kinch of the Toronto Media …

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Vancouver’s Stanley Park Is Burning! (What’s up with that?)

It all began on June 21st, Aboriginal Day, when a late night two-alarm fire was alerted in Stanley Park. Someone had lit the ticket station for the parks miniature railway on fire- putting the whole park at risk of being burned down. Luckily, the park was saved, but two firefighers were sent to St. Paul’s …

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The Occupied Vancouver Sun- BCTF Edition!

I’ll be writing more about how people from the unions hijacked Occupy Vancouver soon- think of this as a teaser. I was going to wait, but with all of the attention being paid to the BCTF’s Sasha Wiley-Shaw and her involvement with the shenanigans at Vancouver Asseroles march this week.

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Who Is Sasha Wiley-Shaw And What Is Her Agenda?

  The shenanigans at Vancouver’s Casseroles Gone Stupid march are no coincidence- we aren’t talking about an innocent young teacher who was randomly attacked by the police. The real story is about a group of politically connected professional activists who were out to create a media storm. This is a group of people with deep connections to …

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Lesson On The Charter Of Rights & Freedoms For The Vancouver Casseroles!

Update: There was a story published about this incident in the (highly biased) Vancouver Observer- I believe Ruth Meta’s words are the perfect response:

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