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Kevin Annett


The time for justice has come...

The time for justice has come…

Kevin Annett is a defrocked priest who has taken-up a second career as a con-artist/grifter. Annett has convinced a bunch of unwitting people that he is the saviour of Indigenous people everywhere, and the only person who is working on their behalf. This is not true- rather, he is using their cause for his own personal gain.

Kevin is most famous for his faking of the discovery of a ‘mass grave’ at the Six Nations Reserve in Brandford, Ontario.  Apparently, he is pulling the same con at other reserves- one has to feel sorry for all of the people who he is building false hope for.

Curiously, Kevin Is an International Socialist, and has deep connections to the people who were involved in hijacking the occupy movement. Some of his relations include Winnie Ng, Sakura Saunders, and Judy Rebick.

Kevin Annett Over-Celebrates 4/20, Declares He’s Dissolved the Catholic Church! (Feat. Henry Makow)

Annett’s ridiculousness crosses the line to pure stupidity. Some observers believe this as a result of his over-doing 4/20 day celebrations, others say it’s a cynical trick to con his followers while they’re all stoned out of their trees!

Kevin Annett Bedazzles South Dakota Hicks! (Feat. Eugene Richard Hidalgo & The Antichrist!)

The more Annett’s fraud is exposed, the more difficult it is for him to find followers. Things have got so bad now that he’s forced to travel to hick towns in the middle of nowhere- turning Annett into a real life Lyle Lanley from The Simpsons. Monorail, monorail, monorail!

International “Common Law Court” Indicts The Pope While Sitting On The Toilet! (Feat. Kevin Annett)

Kevin Annett records one of his ‘important’ announcements from someone’s bathroom! And, the story behind why a “common law” court would never be based in Belgium.

Kevin Annett Gets His Official Ugly Stick! (feat. Rainbow Warrior Speak, RCMP & The Antichrist!)

Annett finds a new victim, and someone makes him an ugly stick…

MediaWatch: Alex Jones Miserably Fails The Kevin Annett Litmus Test®

Alex Jones takes Annett’s story hook, line and sinker- despite some obvious inaccuracies and gaps in the story he’s telling. Is Jones just plain dumb, or is there something more to his connection with Annett?

Heather Martin & The Smithsonian Nail Kevin Annett (And Canada’s national security implications)

Blogger Heather Martin uncovers Annett’s lies about working with the Smithsonian Institute. The Smithsonian scientists deny that ever happened, Annett refuses to provide copies of the emails he said he had from the Smithsonian.

MediaWatch:, Media Co-Op & Kevin Annett’s (Continuing) Abuse Of Indigenous Communities…

How two of Canada’s alternative media websites enable Kevin Annett to victimize Canadian indigenous people.

A Warning About Kevin Annett From Dennis Banks & Royce White Calf…

American Indian Movement legend Dennis Banks makes a public declaration that Kevin Annett is no friend of indigenous people.

Open Letter To Gary Paterson Of The United Church- Please Help Us Stop Kevin Annett

A plea to the head of the United Church to help fix the damage they caused by letting Annett out to wreak havoc on the public.

Kevin Annett: A Man Who Tried To Hijack The Canadian Occupy Movement…

Kevin Annett’s attempts to make the Occupy movement about his fraud.

Kevin Annett Blocked By The Queen! Should He Change Jesuses In Midstream?

A humourous look at some of Annett’s partners in-crime, including a televangelist who say’s he’s the anti-christ.

Kevin Annett Talks About Tax Evasion And Screwing-Over “Indians”

Kevin Annett at his worst… (yes, it gets worse…)

The Mess At The Six Nations: Unions, Anarchists, Marxists & Con Artists…

Annett’s participation with unions, anarchists and other political activists in making a mess of an unfortunate first nation.

The Evidence on Kevin Annett: Bank Transfer Receipts To His Dad…

The evidence that Annett has been taking innocent people’s money…

Who’s The New Canada Party? (Feat. Kevin Annett, Harsha Wallia & Pat Atkinson!)

Annett’s participation in a strange organization called the New Canada Party…

Kevin Annett Doesn’t Only Steal Survivor’s Stories (He steals their signatures too…)

Kevin Annett forges the signature of a revered native activist- only just days after she passes away…

Open Letter To Kevin Annett: Do You Have The Guts To Answer These Questions?

Some “fair questions” for Kevin Annett…

Today’s Radio Show: Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman Discredit Themselves… (feat. Greg Renouf!)

Kevin Annett caught in the act live on a radio show…

Kevin Annett: He’s Lying To Children Now (And talking about rape & molesters with them…)

Annett having inappropriate conversations with children…

Kevin Annett’s Family & The Water War Crimes…

Kevin Annett’s family’s participation in an old scam from the 80’s/90’s…

Kevin Annett: A Modern Abuser Of Residential School Survivors…

Annett’s abuse of a former residential school survivor. This is the guy who REALLY told the world about the horrors of the schools

Debunking Kevin Annett’s Kangaroo Courts…

Dissecting the stories Kevin tells about his made-up courts…

Kevin Annett Goes Off The Rails – Threatens Police & Government Employees!

The title says it all…

Kevin Annett Incites Violence Against The Clergy!

Kevin progresses from financial and emotional abuse to promoting the use of violence against priests!

Another Case Of Indigenous People Denouncing Kevin Annett

A letter from an aboriginal group in British Columbia denouncing Kevin Annett and asking for their money and evidence back…

Kevin Annett, Jason Bowman & Alfred Webre- Let The Weasel Fights Begin!

The lie has been exposed, the weasels are getting ready to fight!

An Analysis Of Kevin Annett’s & Jason Bowman’s Fake Court Documents! (feat. Alfred Webre!)

An analysis of the court documents that Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman claim to have filed (but didn’t) at the federal court in Toronto…

Alfred Lambremont Webre III Goes Down On The Kevin Annett Titanic!

Alfred Webre sacrifices his reputation supporting Annett’s lies…

Six Nations Elected Council Denies Supporting Kevin Annett

A statement from the Six Nations Elected Council denying that they have ever supported Kevin Annett…

A Video About Kevin Annett’s Mishandling Of The Evidence At Brantford…

A story from the Aboriginal People’s Televison Network (APTN) explaining how Annett mishandled the ‘evidence’ (which turned out to be animal bones) he discovered at the Six Nations reserve…

Update On The Kevin Annett / Jason Bowman Deception (feat. Dave Vasey & Nicole Lebrasseur)

More analysis on Annett’s relationships with radicals in the indigenous community and how the radicals are using Annett’s work to further their cause…

Kevin Annett And His Marxist Roots…

An analysis (and relationship chart) of Kevin Annett’s relationships with people in Marxist organizations…

Another Video Of Kevin Annett Lying!

Jason Bowman never showed-up to the courthouse, yet Kevin Annett claims he was there!

Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman’s Phantom Court Case, A No-Show Today…

Caught in a lie, Jason Bowman doesn’t show-up for the court case he claimed to have. And a video of a conversation with the clerk of the court that confirms a case was never filed…

An Open Letter To Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman

A Letter to Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman that outlines all of the mistruths of theirs I identified. Written the day before they said they had a court experience in Toronto.

Secret Recorded Conversation With A Kevin Annett Supporter!

A recorded call with one of Kevin Annett’s closest supporters- even he claims that he us unsure if Annett is telling the truth!

Con-Artists Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman Contradict Each Other!

A video that catches Annett & Bowman in a lie about the court case they claimed to have filed (but didn’t)

A Quick Note To Kevin Annett

Annett claims to be living in poverty- a question to him about how owning a $250K house qualifies as poverty…

Why Are Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman Lying About Filing A Court Case?

An analysis of a previous court case that Annett claims to have been involved in, why it failed, and how that relates to their lying about filing a court case on July 4th.

Kevin Annett Partners With The Antichrist!

Annett partners with the church of 666, led by a televangelist  who claims to be the living incarnation of Jesus!

Letter To A Con Artist (Kevin Annett of course…)

My response to Annett’s letter…

Letter From A Con-Artist (Kevin Annett of course…)

Kevin Annett tries to deflect from the truths I have exposed about him…

Elders Renounce Relationship With Kevin Annett & Withdraw His Mohawk Name!

A video of the elders of the Six Nations reserve denouncing Kevin Annett and removing his Mohawk name…

Kevin Annett Gone Wild!

A video by Patrick Ross that uses Kevin Annett’s own words to explain he is a liar…

Still Not Convinced Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman Are Lying? (I’ve got more…)

A letter from the Pope’s lawyers explaining how it is impossible to sue the Pope. So, how does Annett claim he is doing just that?

Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman’s Lies: What Does Ex-Parte Mean?

Debunking Annett & Bowman’s claim that they had filed a secret ‘ex-parte’ court case…

An Interview I Did Today Before Kevin Annett’s Ex-Parte Press Conference…

A video interview I made explaining all of the evidence I’ve gathered against Kevin Annett…

The Final Evidence That Kevin Annett Is A Con Artist! (Jason Bowman Too…)

The day I went to Jason Bowman’s ‘press conference’ and exposed that he and Annett were lying about filing a court case…

Kevin Annett Announces Fake Court Date!

Annett comes up with a BS story about suing the government, the pope, and “big pharma”!

Results Are In: The International Socialist’s Kevin Annett IS A Con-Artist! (and Native uprising is coming?)

Kevin Annett admits that the bones he found were not from children, but were animal bones. Still, somehow, he calls his excavation a success!

Ryerson Professor Winnie Ng Suports Notable Con-Artist Kevin Annett!

Winnie Ng, a professor at Ryerson University promotes Kevin Annett’s lies!

Is No One Is Illegal Organizing A Treasonous Uprising?

A story about how No One Is Illegal is taking advantage of Kevin’s lies to manipulate Indigenous communities into using violence…

My Response To Kevin Annett About The Bones (and a few more issues)

An analysis of why Kevin Annett’s story about finding the remains of children is a lie. There are over 100 comments on this story where other people have shared their stories about Kevin’s fraudulent ways…

Action Plan: Help Us Stop Kevin Annett’s Fraud!

My recommendation to people who have been grifted by Kevin Annett that they report him for his fraud…

Whadayaknow! Kevin Annett Is A Member Of The International Socialists!

My discovery that Kevin Annett is a member of the International Socialists- one of the groups behind the hijacking of Occupy Toronto…

Is Kevin Annett A Con Artist?

My analysis of how Kevin Annett is a con artist…

Kevin Annett Publishes A Response About The Fake Mass Grave Allegations!

Kevin Annett publishes a response to my story about the fake graves…

The Story of a Psychopath, Fake Mass Graves, and a Native Uprising…

My first story exposing Kevin Annett’s false claim of discovering a mass grave at the Six Nations Reserve…

Occupy Vancouver, Kevin Annett, Knights of Columbus & Ricky Lavallie

Kevin Annett conducts a circus at a church in Vancouver…

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    • Ken Bear Chief on November 6, 2012 at 14:06
    • Reply

    Thank you for posting all this information about Kevin Annett in one place. This is what people who believe in this con artist bastard need to see. He needs to exposed for all of his con tactics, his lies, his manipulations, and for committing fraud upon the First Nations people. Hopefully Kevin, Bill, Lori, and his other cohorts will brought to justice for using the donations he solicits on his hiddenfromhistory website. Money that he uses for his personal needs; which is illegal to do. He is allegedly illegally soliciting donations on his website and asking donors to send checks to individual accounts in Florida and Nanaimo, BC, or through a paypal account. Wait and see Kevin, the Canadian government may not have an interest in investigating you, but the IRS certainly will.

      • Not asleepanymore on November 16, 2014 at 17:30
      • Reply

      And how much are you getting paid to slander this hero? Wake up humanity…the fallen angels have infiltrated the church and government. Start researching illuminati, david icke, bill cooper, Area 51 and Phil Schneider, the black eyed children, project paperclip and government mind control, Peggy Kane,..and the list goes on! Humanity get out of your trance and WAKE UP!

      1. Go talk to your doctor, you’ve been drinking too much of the conspiracy theory kool-aid. Here’s a quick suggestion, not everything you see on YouTube videos is true…

      2. You’ve really been had. I was too to begin with, but there’s stuff all over Google about what he gets up to. Ask yourself why would the Queen want to help a pedophile ring, and child sacrifices? I really can’t see it. And if the vatican’s been abolished, I’m sure you’d have heard about it from other sources. Yet, it’s still going strong. Haven’t heard anything about the Canadian PM getting sacked. Really, I think it’s quite funny, and I bet they’re having a lot of fun, but he’s taking money off people, and slandering people, now that’s pretty nasty. I havea hard time believing that someone could find this site and still believe his rubbish, but he’s just so good at it.

      • Rd on August 16, 2015 at 09:07
      • Reply

      He’s a lunatic and is convincing the his cunning lies, and wit. Amazing what a person can do when he/she is in cahoots with the devil.

    • hijadejh666sss on February 15, 2013 at 13:06
    • Reply

    deberia de darles verguenza lo que estan publicando aquí, me dan pena, pero bueno de todas maneras nada podran hacer porque la verdad esta saliendo a la luz.

    1. Jose Jesus Miranda omnes hircos pudeat sexus est …

    • Maya on August 12, 2013 at 14:30
    • Reply

    This guy promotes himself as God’s Great White Father to native people, spreading lies and promoting paranoia and hatred. He acts like he has a Messiah complex, crazy as a loon. The media have been burned big-time on his fabrications and now avoid him.

    • Jenn on February 3, 2014 at 23:29
    • Reply

    Kevin accused my father and other prominent members of my community of being child rapists. How can someone get away with accusing innocent people of horrific crimes without any consequence? By hiding behind a computer screen. I will never forgive him for the hurt he caused my family.

    1. Thank you for sharing this, and my condolences for the hurt Annett’s caused you and your family. I’ve heard similar stories from many people and it’s recently come to my attention that Annett had gone as far as to dispatch emails to his followers asking them to smear my name across the Internet. Kevin Annett is a very sick man…

      1. I met K.Annett through know fault of my own many yrs back I did not think he was a bad guy back in the day just another divorced Priest defrocked looking for a source of Identity
        His own shame drove him to the grave of many native ppl s and Families who had suffered assimilation through the X Church and State
        Its unfortunate that he has accumulated monies off the suffering s of 1st Nations
        It takes many many yrs for Social Political and Monetary values to be placed in time and for a Culture to re.establish itself through social awareness and forgiveness
        One person cannot move a mountain with out God’s help
        Kevin s only Sin was revising his self interest and platforming his personal need for retribution against the Plains of Abraham
        He needs to loosen his Garment of self need and prosperity shake off the dust and move into another direction
        when I met him the poor were important to his call
        and the Justice for 1st Nations seemed sincere
        I am sorry to hear this type of news

    • WoundedWoman on June 22, 2014 at 02:19
    • Reply

    I need to say something about this whole thing and the effect it’s had on at least me, if no one else. There are two sides to what Arnett did.

    Were it not for a no-nonsense, ex bf, I may well have ended my life after only recently reading about this heinously dark, demented, twisted, ‘event’ that was supposed to have occurred. Unfortunately for me, I can tend to almost literally ‘feel’ descriptions of situations that occur to people, whether those occurrences are real or not.

    I was so deeply gutted, imagining the horror all those poor children must have gone through, not to mention their parents, that, I felt, if this sort of thing could really happen, there truly was no hope for humanity – it could never get better, no matter how many Jose Mujica’s live in the world…and I didn’t want to spend another day in this life knowing humanity was spiraling out of control. The world’s greed and corrupt politics are already enough of a black hole; this was something altogether darker.

    Thankfully, I contacted a no-nonsense ex bf with the original claims made by Arnett (and please – what’s with white skins who feel the need to give themselves tribal names and claim to be something they’re not, as though it somehow elevates them above the rest of the world and imbues them with all things ‘mystical’? It’s common as muck, disrespectful, and a joke). My ex – an impossible individual to pull a prank on, and being far smarter than the average bear, brought me back from the brink and explained that the whole thing is nothing more than a very elaborate hoax.

    While Arnett’s hoax is disgusting and cruel (aside from anything else, there is no such legal entity as a ‘common law court’ – it’s a total fabrication), it’s still alarmingly heinous that people like him are permitted to so defame anyone they choose, in the most heinous way imaginable, thereby distressing potentially millions of people, and not feel an ounce of remorse.

    In my opinion, he’s not human; he’s a monster and should be locked away for the rest of his con-artist life.

    1. It’s always good to hear from people who’ve been able to see through Annett’s con- it gives me hope each time I see it happening. Thank you for sharing your story..

    • Jacqueline Toulouse on November 4, 2014 at 16:11
    • Reply

    I am a residential school survivor. Just how do WE stop Kevin Annett.? I can only speak for myself, but every time I hear Kevin Annett’s name I remember my abuse. I know there are many many others like me, that want the abuse to STOP.

  1. I suspect the bloke’s a narcissist, as opposed to a psychopath. He’s obviously a good actor, and the religious thing puts him in the narcissist bracket. Also the business of thinking he’s the worlds saviour.

      • wolvenwood on December 29, 2014 at 15:09
      • Reply

      Trust me, he’s definitely a psychopath. I was a therapist for 17 yrs, had to diagnose people and so had to know what each diagnosis means. He is manipulative, a con artist, a serial liar and much more – all these things point to being a psychopath. A simple narcissist isn’t this manipulative and usually don’t run scams like Mr. Annett is doing. Psychopaths are dangerous, as you can see from the damage Annett has done, he’s hurt alot of people.

      1. Agreed. It takes a special type of crazy to act like Annett has these past years. He’s hurt a lot of good people over the years, let’s hope this is the end of it. (crossing fingers and toes)

    • David Armes on January 21, 2015 at 15:57
    • Reply

    All hail “Republic of Kanata”! I think you must be talking about a different Kevin Annett! He just formed the country of Kanata! You must have changed your minds by now about Kev? I’ve got all the legal documents signed by him as our first Prime Minister and he’s very excited! We are both going down to the courthouse and file the papers. We have around 200 people ready for our Inaugural Ball! I’ll put you guys down to attend but I’m thinking that you should sign up for citizenship first…

    1. Yes! Yes! An Inaugural Ball! Sign me up and I will be there with twinkle toes wearing Prada (don’t forget that important detail) But wait…where would that Inaugural Ball be? Exactly where is Kevin’s Kanata? Nanaimo? Brussels? The Vatican? Kevin’s bathroom? Will my passport be okay? Details, details.

    • Name on May 26, 2015 at 20:50
    • Reply

    Well, well, after resisting the temptation to see what the not so Reverend Kevin Annett has been up to for the last 15 years, I finally succumbed – and to no surprise he is still on the warpath, slandering various establishments, rescuing whole nations that do not want nor need to be rescued and manipulating unwary individuals into regretful situations. Looks like he still makes bizarre, outrageous and unfounded claims, is a self appointed martyr, and continues the practice of ‘con artistry’ in order to fulfill his own personal mandate. Just like in the 90’s!

  2. Wow, never knew that Kevin was a liar. I was going kill all Catholics for revenge because of boarding school. Now I am killing them for a lie. Now I stop thinking about killing Catholics. I guess he make the tragedy of boarding school look big to built white guilt. Like Holocaust, where jews exaggerated the horrors by Nazis.

    1. Hi shaunlopes:
      What do you mean ‘Like Holocaust, where (J)ews exaggerated the horrors by Nazis?

  1. […] I learned that this stood a high chance of being a huge “bluff”.  I further then learned that this man was apparently “using” occupy.  I also noticed deep connections between Kevin Annett and the International Socialists, and media-coops which have ties to them as well. […]

  2. […] some are proposing that the child rape version of the story is a coverup for another story — a money laundering scandal in the Vatican bank. Now, it turns out that the article I’ve worked with was written by a […]

  3. […] finally been realised with his numerous, yet unfounded attacks on the Catholic Church. One finds here in the life of Kevin only what can be described as nauseating! Do some reading yourself and tell […]

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