Swastika Clickbait: CP24 & CTV News Punked By Anonymous Craigslist Toronto Ad (Feat: Trump)

Craigslist has been infiltrated by Nazis!

Late Saturday night CP24 published a compelling clickbait article about a Nazis hiding under the bed selling handmade Christmas decorations on Craigslist Toronto. The story was simultaneously posted on CTV News’ website, both organizations are divisions of Bell Media.

“An online seller is peddling Christmas balls carrying the Nazi swastika,” Chris Herhalt wrote with conviction. He went on to explain that the “seller” claimed the decorations were “custom made” and were listed for sale for $50 in the arts and crafts section of Craigslist Toronto. Two of the seven paragraphs made obligatory references to Donald Trump and Charlottesville, one gave an ethnocentric explanation on the legality of displaying swastikas.

It would be a story in-and-of-itself that CP24’s editors approved such a weak article based on an anonymously posted Craigslist ad. One might argue it’s more about Trump than Christmas balls, but it’s worse than that. CP24’s intrepid editors and writer were so eager to get out their story they appear to have fallen for a hoax- a stumble they could have avoided with just 5 seconds of research.

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Was Clr. Wong-Tam’s #DayofPink Hate Mail A Repeat Hoax? (Feat. Torontoist, Your Ward News)

Of course, she couldn’t help but exploit it…

Two weeks ago Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam tweeted out a picture of a hate-filled letter that was mailed to her office at City Hall. The envelope was postmarked on April 10th. It’s unknown when her office actually received it but she tweeted out images of both the letter and envelope on April 12th- the Day of Pink, an “International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny.”

The letter kicked-off with a proclamation that the writer supports William Whatcott, an anti-gay crusader who has an ugly habit of handing out offensive flyers at Pride marches. This was followed up with hateful slurs against gay and black people. The envelope had a curious return address written on it- the offices of the controversial and alleged “Neo-Nazi” newspaper Your Ward News.

Far-left activists and their journalist friends jumped on the letter quicker than an attention loving politician on a TV news camera. It was perfect timing, just two weeks before today’s hearing on whether Canada Post was justified in banning the delivery of Your Ward News- the Torontoist went as far as to use a hoax as part of their analysis of whether YNW’s editor was the person who sent the letter. But there’s one question they didn’t ask- is it possible that the letter itself is a politically motivated hoax?


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Does Toronto Have The Stupidest ANTIFA Ever? (Feat. Maggie Helwig, Evalion, Paul Fromm)

ANTIFA Toronto can’t spell what they’re fighting for. (IslamOphobia, dummies!)

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If you ask most people familiar with ANTIFA which is the stupidest ANTIFA chapter ever it’s likely they’ll answer “all of the above”. And while that’s fair, the anarchist led “anti-racism” movement is a lot less about stopping “Nazis” and “white supremacists”  than it’s an excuse for anti-social idiots to get violent- there’s one chapter that’s particularly dumb.

Let me introduce you to ANTIFA Toronto, not the most violent ANTIFA chapter (yet), but quite likely the most idiotic. How stupid are they you ask? The quick answer is to direct you to the above screenshot, ANTIFA Toronto geniuses label themselves as valiant warriors against racism, but they can’t even spell Islamophobia.

I’ve been following ANTIFA Toronto’s toxic bloom very closely, from their foundational training session at a local Anglican Church to their violent attacks on our city’s streets and squares. I’ll be writing in greater depth about both sides of the M-103 street protests later (each is part of the problem) but for today, let’s have a quick look at the incredible stupidity and lazy corruption at ANTIFA Toronto- where everybody without a mask is a Nazi, and real Nazis are left to speak unhindered!

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What’s The Real Purpose Behind Canada’s AstroTurf Anti-Trump Protests? (Feat. NoII, LeadNow)

Yep, same group of usual suspects… (Photo: Undercoverkity)

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It was the height of the rush hour on Monday morning when a group of protesters gathered across the street from the US Consulate to protest Donald Trump’s immigration policy. Like many Torontonians being inconvenienced to pay for an American president’s behaviour, I was on my way to work that morning- but I checked out the bedlam on the way and came back to scope it out during lunch.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there were a lot of familiar faces. A troika of hard-left politicians came to bask in the glory of the TV cameras. They were joined by organisers from one of Canada’s most violent hard-left activist group, some old friends from the Occupy movement- and a crowd of ordinary people who’d probably be freaked out if they knew about the relationship between the politicians and the riot organisers.

If you’ve already guessed that the violent group’s name is No One Is Illegal then you’re probably waiting for the punchline- how about a racist Trump protester who has an absolute hate-on for immigrants who likes telling jokes about Mexican illegals?

So hang onto your sombrero and follow me for a tour of the who’s who in the anti-Trump fiesta. Then, more importantly, the American-backed political campaigners standing behind the curtain:

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[UPDATED] Meet The Women Behind Canada’s Anti-Trump Marches (Feat. Clinton Foundation, NDP, Unions)

Who’s the organiser in the yellow jacket?

[UPDATE: Christopher Wilson interviewed protesters at the woman’s march in Vancouver who indicated they travelled to the march because it was “free”. Who paid for it then?]

The Women’s March On Washington appears to have been grassroots at the beginning. Retired Hawaii lawyer Teresa Shook set up a Facebook event page promoting the idea the march after the election- and it quickly went viral. But, perhaps demonstrating her lack of experience as a professional protester, she made the faux pas of calling it the “Million Woman March”.

It didn’t take long for the politically correct shit to hit the fan when professional activists complained the name had already been used for a black women’s march in 1997. Suddenly there were allegations of racism, cultural appropriation, and complaints there were too many white women organising. All was forgiven after the reins were handed to three “intersectional” activists (Muslim, Black &  Hispanic) with deep ties to the Democrat industrial complex.

But what about the Canadian arm of the movement, was it real or is it AstroTurf? The best way to find out is always to look into the people and organisations behind the protest. As many suspected, it includes many of the same politicians, political operatives, and labour unions we see involved with most other big “grassroots” protests.

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