Does Toronto Have The Stupidest ANTIFA Ever? (Feat. Maggie Helwig, Evalion, Paul Fromm)

ANTIFA Toronto can’t spell what they’re fighting for. (IslamOphobia, dummies!)

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If you ask most people familiar with ANTIFA which is the stupidest ANTIFA chapter ever it’s likely they’ll answer “all of the above”. And while that’s fair, the anarchist led “anti-racism” movement is a lot less about stopping “Nazis” and “white supremacists”  than it’s an excuse for anti-social idiots to get violent- there’s one chapter that’s particularly dumb.

Let me introduce you to ANTIFA Toronto, not the most violent ANTIFA chapter (yet), but quite likely the most idiotic. How stupid are they you ask? The quick answer is to direct you to the above screenshot, ANTIFA Toronto geniuses label themselves as valiant warriors against racism, but they can’t even spell Islamophobia.

I’ve been following ANTIFA Toronto’s toxic bloom very closely, from their foundational training session at a local Anglican Church to their violent attacks on our city’s streets and squares. I’ll be writing in greater depth about both sides of the M-103 street protests later (each is part of the problem) but for today, let’s have a quick look at the incredible stupidity and lazy corruption at ANTIFA Toronto- where everybody without a mask is a Nazi, and real Nazis are left to speak unhindered!

A Corrupt Anglican Church: 

Anglican priest Maggie Helwig at March 9 ANTIFA demonstration

My first experience with the blatant stupidity of ANTIFA Toronto started four years ago when I met the folks at Occupy Toronto. They’re basically the same leaders with a few new useful idiots lambs in the flock.

ANTIFA Toronto held its first training session at Anglican priest Maggie Helwig’s Kensington church St. Stephen-in-the-Fields. Helwig is the Anglican Church of Canada’s closest ally with Toronto’s violent militant anarchist scene. Maggie gets arrested with them at their protests, marches at their parades in her Doc Martens, and protects them from the police after they’ve been violent.

[Check out the video below for an excellent example when she wrapped her arms around and protected a group of violent Black Bloc thugs who assaulted me in 2012.]

Maggie was an official “chaplain” at Occupy where she worked with the same group of violent and ethically challenged anarchist leaders. She helped organise ANTIFA Toronto’s March 9th protest, check out the above picture and you’ll see her wearing her organiser’s white armband.

Everyone Who Doesn’t Hide Behind A Mask Is A White Supremacist Nazi!

One of the key organisers and speakers at the M-103 protests is Sanda Solomon. She was also a key figure behind February’s controversial mosque protest (where both the protesters and the mosque were investigated by police for alleged hate crimes). Solomon is an angry ex-Muslim who agitates with hateful anti-Islamic rhetoric, and by ceremonially throwing Korans into garbage cans and dancing on top of Middle Eastern flags.

It should have been easy for ANTIFA to make their point without having to resort to violence and false accusations- there are many valid criticisms that could be made of the tactics and behaviour of Solomon and her fellow compatriots.

ANTIFA Toronto are so clueless they don’t know this is Sandra Solomon

But, sadly, ANTIFA Toronto just aren’t all that smart. They instead fell back to their age-old tactic of making up tragically stupid accusations and labelling the people they deem as their enemies as “Nazis” and “white supremacists”.

Sounds good, until you realise that Solomon is an ex-Muslim Zionist, and how that she and fellow M-103 protesters are backed and protected by the Jewish Defence League. Nazis, seriously? And considering there were M-103 protesters of many races and religions, it’s stupid beyond belief to call them white supremacists.

It’s equally fucking stupid to label an Obama voter with a black girlfriend a white supremacist- but that didn’t stop the fine folks at ANTIFA Toronto!

This actually happened to me on March 4th when one of their masked thugs (possibly an organiser) called out to a clueless mob of ANTIFA zombies that I’m a white supremacist. She was assisted agitating the crowd to attack me by an activist who’s listed as a staff member at Maggie’s Anglican church (my letter to the Archbishop is in-progress).

The ANTIFA thugs chased me down for 10 minutes. It was pretty intense at first. There was a short break after protest co-organizer Walled Khogali (brother of notorious black supremacist Yusra Khogali) told them to “cool it down” and they listened for a moment, but the thugs quickly resumed their criminal harassment after Walled was gone.

I got shoved around, had megaphones blasted into my ears, and at one point was totally surrounded and trapped in a dangerous situation under a ramp. The police tried to protect me, but they were dangerously outnumbered that day and the best they could do was hold back the thugs until I walked away.

Real-Life Nazi At M-103 Protest, ANTIFA Toronto AWOL

On February 25th, real-life and notorious Nazi “Evalion” joined an M-103 protest with infamous Ontario white supremacist Paul Fromm. It was the perfect setting for an ANTIFA action, they could yell out their favourite “hey ho, hey ho, (white supremacists or Nazis) have got to go!” and not sound like complete idiots.

But the intellectually challenged folks at ANTIFA Toronto were too busy plotting revolution from their dorm rooms, parent’s basements, and Anglican churches to even show up.The protest was all the way out at Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s Mississauga constituency office, too much travel time for the mostly downtown-based gang of thugs.

It doesn’t matter that there were real Nazis and supremacists to “resist” and beat up. ANTIFA Toronto doesn’t need real Nazis- they just make-up tragically stupid allegations and beat-up whoever they please. It’s a lot easier that way.

More Violence On Saturday?

ANTIFA Toronto pumped-up the violence at the last major M-103 protest. Their leader (and former Occupy Toronto leader) Dave Vasey didn’t even try to hide his violence behind a mask. You can see him beating on an M-103 protester at the intersection of Bay St & Queen West in the above video. David Menzies of Rebel Media had a Mason jar filled with an unknown fluid thrown at him by one of the ANTIFA Toronto bullies who agitated the crowd against me.

There’s another M-103 protest scheduled for Saturday, April 1st. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Toronto cops are concerned this next protest might get more violent. I agree with them, the tension between the M-103 protesters and ANTIFA is extraordinarily high at the moment, and recent social media postings indicate that both sides are hoping for a fight.

The odds are any physical conflict will be initiated by an ANTIFA thug like Vasey grabbing an M-103 protester’s sign or flag. If the police aren’t close enough to immediately intervene it’ll probably escalate as M-103 protesters join in on a game of “capture the flag”. Hopefully, nobody will get seriously hurt.

If people do get hurt it’ll be both side’s responsibility- they all know what they’re walking into. I’ll be there to report on the mayhem, and will do my best to produce as balanced of a report as I can.

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ANTIFA thugs get legal support from the Law Union of Ontario

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  1. Greg, another GREAT article . I want to run something by you …… we both recall the occupy movement and how, before that cancer came here, sakura saunders and darius went to saudi arabia to promote their arab spring . They were active on promoting the importation of saudi oil at the expense of Canadian oil and Canadian jobs . So now, we fast forward to today and this M-103 legislation. I am theorizing that this arab spring, the advocacy for saudi oil oil over our own and now , the wholesale importation and adoption of islamic laws here, as well a creating laws that clearly are designed to support one cult, while remaining silent to the others , is, or was / may have been the real overall plan . …. create a fake scenario , destabilize an economy , pour saudi money into radical organizations , have government infiltrated by these same radical muslims and their supporters , enact laws that are certain to create serious animosity and rebelion , laws that support these islamic sates to welcome them in, take power, take control and eventually turn this country into an islamic state by their sheer volume on government / power. …. yeh, i know this is a stretch, or , is it ?

    • FacTeam on April 1, 2017 at 09:52
    • Reply

    No foreign nationals were allowed into Tahrir Square without a passport-identified local to vouch for them.

    1. Nobody ever mentioned Tahrir Square, dummy. If you want to obscure that Saunders popped out to the heart of the Egyptian revolution in the middle of Occupy Toronto, you’ll have to refute the video where she brags about it…

  2. The same Paul Fromm who had notorious sex photos of him leaked out?

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