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MediaWatch: PressTV Covers Alfred Webre’s “War Crimes Tribunal” (feat. Russia Today)

If you have ever wondered about the sincerity of Alfred Webre and PressTV, this article should tip you over the edge- both parties over-sensationalize to the point where they must be considered if they are frauds. What I’ve discovered will also help make some sense out of why Webre & Kevin Annett have partnered- they are both …

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MediaWatch: Joshua Blakeney, Robyn Heaslip And Patricia Kelly’s Stó:lo Nation Fish Story on PressTV

 The more I dig into Professor Anthony James Hall’s fish story on Iranian PressTV, the more interesting and tangled the web becomes. Today we introduce a new character, Robyn Heaslip- someone who I learned today I have a relationship with (and I didn’t even know it until now!). This story also includes Joshua Blakeney of PressTV/Veterans …

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A Letter To Kevin Annett’s Co-Conspirators…

 Despite the fact that most of Kevin Annett’s followers are awakening to the reality that he’s been playing a con, there are still a few people out there who haven’t given-up on him yet. Some of these people include Alfred Webre, Marci Lane, Alex Hunter and Doreen Agostino. Below is a letter to these people:

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Pipeline Politics And The Danger Of Unintended Consequences…

The Enbridge pipeline is a hot topic these days. Like most big issues, it is representative of the divide between Canada’s left and right. The left are against the pipeline due to environmental concerns, and the right have been promoting the pipeline because of its economic benefits. As usual with the left/right paradigm, the debate has become …

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Kevin Annett Goes Off The Rails – Threatens Police & Government Employees!

Ever since I’ve started exposing Kevin Annett I’ve noticed that he has progressively lost control of himself. At first I tried to assume that Kevin was cognizant that he is doing the wrong thing- I tried at least. But, the more he publishes, the more it becomes apparent he’s riding the crazy train. And, today, …

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