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Hollyhock’s Fake Pulitzer Epidemic (feat. Linda Solomon of the Vancouver Observer, Rex Weyler of Greenpeace & University of the Fraser Valley)

Hollyhock is arguably Canada’s most controversial New Age retreat. It’s set on a plot of land near the southern tip of Cortes Island in British Columbia, a sparsely populated place with only about 450 people in the off-season that at least doubles during the summer. It’s a mystical island with mind-blowing natural beauty- untouched beaches, …

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BC Election: Sasquatch Endorsement Garners Media Coverage For Esquimalt-Royal Roads Candidate Josh Steffler!

BC’s provincial election is coming up next month and the¬†electioneering has begun to hit full swing- politicians are shaking hands, holding babies, raising money and working hard to get their final endorsements. Josh Steffler is an independent candidate for the Esquimalt-Royal Roads who has been following a similar path, with one exception- he’s running an …

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How I’m Learning Not To Take Anonymous So Seriously (feat. @YourAnonNews, @TorontoPolice & Sakura Saunders)

If you’re a regular reader you’ll probably remember my first interaction with Anonymous on February 13th. The genius who runs the @YourAnonNews Twitter account (w/1 million+ followers) tweeted that I like to try to get Canadian activists arrested on false charges. I explained to them they were mistaken, but the person running the account wasn’t …

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Barrick Gold Protest Degrades Into Cop Baiting Rally (feat. Capt. Yarr, Civilian Media & Sakura Saunders!)

Wednesday was Barrick Gold‘s annual general meeting and, like previous years, Sakura Saunders and her merry band of anarchists came to protest. Barrick’s been having a hard time of things lately, between drops in the price of gold and some challenged project schedules their stock hasn’t been satisfying investors. So, it was sure to be …

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[UPDATED] Toronto Radical Socialists Use 420 Day As Backdrop For Fraudulent Pro-Venezuelan Propaganda!

UPDATE: The guy leading the chants in last weekend’s video (black hat, red jacket) shared a trailer and public address system with Sakura Saunders at last year’s May Day parade as they screamed out anti-capitalist chants. Follow this link for a video. __________________________ On Saturday Toronto celebrated 420 Day, one of the city’s most popular …

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