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BC Charity Caught Promoting Political Party (Feat. Hollyhock, VISION Vancouver)

Update: Since this article was written, Hollyhock has now deleted the tweet from their account- interesting… In January, 2012 I had the pleasure of staying at Hollyhock, a charity owned training resort on Cortes Island BC; one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Hollyhock is a contentious place; some view it as (literally) magical, …

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Bad Heroin: Gregor Robertson & Vancouver Police’s Inaction Is Killing People (And how to save lives…)

On November 5th, 2011, a man was found passed-out, overdosed, in one of Occupy Vancouver’s tented areas- that’s how we learned there was bad heroin in town. One would think, with a recent near death in the camp, that we’d have been flooded with people from the city and harm reduction services offering to help- …

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City Councillors Endorse Dodgy #Line9 Paper, Assist With Appropriation Of Indigenous Voices (Feat. Layton, Matlow, Fletcher & Davis)

The battle against Enbridge reversing the flow of their Line 9 pipeline seemed destined for failure since the beginning. Line 9 was previously used to carry oil from east-to-west, carrying oil imported into Canadian refineries, the reversal will enable Enbridge to deliver Canadian oil to those refineries instead. The project made sense to most people- even …

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Quebec #Line9 Occupiers “We’re Not Greenpeace!” (Well, not anymore, perhaps…)

In a replay of the Gandhi of Vancouver’s quixotic battle against the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, four protesters locked themselves up to the gate of a Quebec Enbridge facility this morning. They came to protest the reversal of the Line 9 pipeline, a project that’s expected to be complete in the next few …

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Has Olivia Chow Sold-Out To The Chinese Dictatorship? (Feat. #OccupyCentral)

If you’ve been following the news you’re probably aware of the large-scale demonstrations happening in Hong Kong. Occupy Central With Love And Peace is a civil disobedience campaign formed in March, 2013; their goal is to fight for the right of Hong Kongese to have a free and unbridled democracy. On August 31st the Chinese government …

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