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Planning A Life Of Crime? Move To Vancouver! (Feat. Vancouver Police Department)

On the morning of January 11th at about 10am a man walked into the Waves coffee shop at 305 Main Street in Vancouver. Shortly after the young woman working alone behind the counter opened the till, the man grabbed some money, and ran away. Officers were dispatched after someone called 911 and officers from the …

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Dubunking Alan Dutton’s #BurnabyMountain SLAPP Allegation With One Link!

BC’s Burnaby Mountain protests were back in the news again today. The Simon Fraser University Institute for the Humanities’ associate (and past intrepid Nazi hunter) Allan Dutton was in court claiming that Kinder Morgan’s lawsuit was a SLAPP, intended to deprive him of his right to engage in legal protest activities. Dutton exclaimed to the media outside …

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BC “Activists” Harass The Working Man- Make Perfect Argument For Bill C-639

On December 3, 2014 Conservative Member of Parliament Wai Young introduced private member’s Bill C-639, an act intended to amend the Criminal Code to protect Canada’s critical infrastructure. Young noted how the people interfering with our country’s infrastructure put our country at risk and how their acts “should be considered more than just petty crimes”. Needless …

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CBC Apologizes, Promises To Retract Tasteless Bill Cosby “Joke Rape” Attack

Last week CBC News published a tasteless piece of “comedy” on their website. The video was made by Abdul Butt of the corporation’s comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes, chasing after Bill Cosby after he finished his show in Kitchener, Ontario, making fun of rape allegations made against the American comedian. Butt yelled out …

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Letter To @CBCOmbudsman: Abdul Butt’s “Joke Rape” Attack Was Seriously Inappropriate

Dear CBC Ombudsman, On the evening of January 7, 2015, the CBC comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes accosted American actor Bill Cosby as he was leaving the Centre In The Square theatre in Kitchener. Bill Cosby is a controversial figure at the moment, so it’s fair game for the show to approach him …

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