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Why I’m Considering Filing A Human Rights Complaint Against Buzzfeed Canada

I woke up on Saturday morning to read a shocking article about Buzzfeed Canada’s Senior Writer Scaachi Koul. I wasn’t upset with Buzzfeed’s intention to hire a diversity of writers; variety is a good thing, particularly when it comes to words and ideas. There’s also nothing illegal about running ethically managed affirmative action plan. If …

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City Councillor Weasels Out On Toronto’s Homeless & Syrian Refugees (Feat. Shelley Carroll)

On Wednesday afternoon my good friend Undercoverkity headed over to City Hall to ask a difficult question of city councillor Shelley Carroll. Stalked by a former member of Occupy Toronto lovingly known as PottyMouth, Frank joined the media scrum at the end of the day’s session and asked a very fair question: “Why is it …

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City Councillor Bills Taxpayers $904 For Partisan Elections Strategy Conference (Feat. Shelley Carroll)

When it comes to expense reports, Shelley Carroll is one of city council’s big spenders- the representative of Ward 33 has little respect for Toronto taxpayers, consistently spending more than average. In November 2010, this website covered her outrageous expenses for building a website created by a militant labour allied company who didn’t even deliver …

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#GAE Media Spin Unmasked Pt 3: Hollaback Leader Backs Doxxer (Feat. Julie Lalonde, HeartMob)

Hollaback is a feminist organization whose main goal is to raise awareness of “street harassment”. Their tactics are controversial, some might say they’re a form of cyber-bullying- allowing women who claimed they’ve been harassed to shame men (because only men harass) by posting their stories, pictures, and videos on the organization’s website. The group was …

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#GAE Media Spin Unmasked Pt 2: Desmond Cole Plays Dirty (Feat. Toronto Star, Newstalk 1010)

Please click here for Part 1 If it wasn’t for the Toronto Star’s dodgy coverage of social justice warriors it’s likely I wouldn’t be writing this story. I’ve caught some world class lies and misinformation in the Star; they lied about Jane Fonda marching in a climate protest last summer, wrote a horribly misleading story …

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