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Kevin Annett, Jason Bowman & Alfred Webre- Let The Weasel Fights Begin!

I checked-out Alfred Webre’s Facebook page today and found some rather interesting stuff! As my regular readers know, Annett, Bowman & Webre have been rather unhappy with me since I exposed the fact they were not telling the truth about the lawsuit Annett & Bowman claimed to have filed. They are backed into a corner- …

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An Analysis Of Kevin Annett’s & Jason Bowman’s Fake Court Documents! (feat. Alfred Webre!)

 Okay, so it has already been proven that Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman are lying about having filed a court case. So, what was their response? Well, they decided to ignore this evidence and try to laugh-off the fact that they had been busted. Nice try guys, but no cigar- the onus of evidence is …

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Alfred Lambremont Webre III Goes Down On The Kevin Annett Titanic!

Alfred Webre came onto Facebook today and posted links to documents he claims prove Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman filed a court case. Webre is an interesting character who believes things like that Barrack Obama is an Alien from Mars. So, we really shouldn’t take this guy too seriously of course. Basically, he’s your bog-standard nutbar.

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Another Video Of Kevin Annett Lying!

ALFRED WEBRE: You Owe Me An Apology!It seems that, once again, Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman have got their stories mixed-up. Annett was on an interview yesterday with Alfred Webre yesterday (a freak who things that Barack Obama was born on Mars). He says clearly in the video that Bowman was going to court that …

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