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Trey Winney Assaults Camera At Pflug-Back’s Sentencing, Makes Occupy Toronto Proud!

Occupy Toronto was made proud today when Trey “Whiney” Winney bravely licked his hand and wiped spit on his hand and assaulted a reporter’s camera. What an Occu-Hero! Trey was joined by a number of other anarcho-primitivists who spat and coughed on members of the media in a¬†cacophony of douchebaggery at the end of Kelly …

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Black Bloc Domestic Terrorist Kelly Pflug-Back Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison!

Another G20 domestic terrorist has been sentenced to jail. Kelly Pflug-Back was sentenced to 15 months, with 4 months credit for pretrial custody and restrictive bail conditions. Consequently she will have 11 months to serve in the stripy hole.

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Alfred Webre Aligns Himself With An Incarcerated Criminal And Violent Black Bloc Thugs!

You can tell a man’s integrity by how he handles things when he has been exposed making a mistake. Alfred Webre made the mistake of partnering with Kevin Annett, and he wasn’t very happy when I exposed that to the world. So, rather than take the honourable route and apologise for his mistake, Webre has …

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G20 Terrorist Kelly Pflug-Back Faces Jail Time, Shows No Remorse…

A G20 Black Bloc terrorist was in court today, pleading with the judge for a lenient sentence. The crown urged the judge to sentence Kelly Pflug-Back to a two year sentence, saying that she expressed no remorse for her crimes. Her defence is asking for a conditional sentence- but, it us unlikely she is going …

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Kevin Annett Gone Wild!

Patrick Ross, the guy who made the infamous Harsha Walia Gone Wild! video and the more recent video about the Black Bloc thugs who attacked me at a Casseroles march, has come out with a new video today. This time it is about Kevin Annett! Patrick is great at exposing people’s hypocrisy through his “In …

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