Eva Botton’s G20 Criminal Sentencing (And Anarchist-On-Anarchist Court Intimidation…)

This week saw the sentencing of one of the last people residing in Canada being tried for the violence during the Toronto G20 summit (they’re moving onto Americans now). Eva Botton was convicted on six counts of Damage over $5,000, and one last count for using a disguise. Botton was part of a Black Bloc, …

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[Updated] Homeless Food Tokens Are Coming To Toronto- Are They Really A Good Idea?

Last November marked the launch of a project to feed the poor that’s innovative as it is controversial. Mark Brand, the owner of Vancouver’s Save-On-Meats began selling sandwich tokens for the poor. People buy the tokens from Save-On, they can then hand them out to people in need, and each token can be exchanged for …

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W2Gate: Has Irwin Oostinde Been Running Vancouver’s New “Piggie’s Palace”? (feat. The Pickton Bros.)

Jamie Lee Hamilton just made a super-interesting posting on her Facebook page. What she says not only exposes some pretty dirty information on what’s been happening at the City of Vancouver funded W2 Media Centre, but also some insights to the Robert Pickton serial killer inquiry. It seems that there’s a lot more to the …

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W2Gate: An Update On Vancouver’s City Funded DTES Sadomasochist Club…

I’ve been doing some more research on Vancouver’s W2 media centre. When I wrote my first article about them back in May, I discovered that they were hosting a sadomasochist party in their basement. The party featured ‘kissing booths’ where partiers engaged in sexual activities and drug consumption. I got a lot of flack for that article- …

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Is Vision Vancouver Facing A Scandal At The W2 Media Centre? (Feat. Sex, Drugs & Money…)

There’s something strange going on at the W2 Media Centre- I smell a scandal. I’ve written about them a few times in the past- my interest in the place began during an exchange I had with their (former) executive director Irwin Oostindie. He was evasive, weasel-like, and he became quite abusive when I wrote to him …

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