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[UPDATED] Meet The Women Behind Canada’s Anti-Trump Marches (Feat. Clinton Foundation, NDP, Unions)

[UPDATE: Christopher Wilson interviewed protesters at the woman’s march in Vancouver who indicated they travelled to the march because it was “free”. Who paid for it then?] The Women’s March On Washington appears to have been grassroots at the beginning. Retired Hawaii lawyer Teresa Shook set up a Facebook event page promoting the idea the …

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Andray Domise’s Lawyer Preps for October Surprise, Mainstream Media Screws The Pooch

Andray Domise is a social justice journalist who wrote for Maclean’s magazine and co-hosted a show on Canadaland with the infamous Desmond Cole. He also fancies himself as a politician after running against former Mayor Rob Ford. Some in the media thought he might be the right man for the job, but he was trounced- …

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Toronto Police Board Member Promotes #BlackLivesMatter Protest Against SIU Decision

Last July an officer in the Toronto Police Service shot and killed 44-year-old South Sudanese immigrant Andrew Loku inside of his apartment building. A few days later a group of anti-cop protestors organized a protest under the banner of #BlackLivesMatter Toronto. The protesters gathered and blocked the intersection of Allen Road at Eglinton Avenue interrupting the journies …

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Niagara Green Candidate Mentored By Eco-Terror Guru, Promotes Justin Trudeau (Feat. David Clow)

Four years ago, before I started my investigation into activist militancy and violence, had someone told me that Elizabeth May’s Green Party was part of the problem I wouldn’t have believed it. But then I discovered that May claimed that “breaking windows isn’t violent” after the G20, I watched as May implied that the RCMP …

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Scarborough Gets Their First Taste Of Green Party Anti-Cop Weirdness (Feat. Paisley Rae)

As an activist-driven organisation, it’s completely understandable why Elizabeth May and other Green Party candidates are more sensitive to policing issues than others. It’s almost a right of passage for a Green to get arrested, May holds the distinction being of the only party leader who’s willing to get arrested for interrupting projects approved by …

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