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Will Protesters #ShutDownCanada In 2015? (Feat. Dan Wallace)

Canadian author Doug Bland recently released a new book called Time Bomb that warns Canada is at risk of reaching a “flashpoint” with indigenous relations. Bland has some impressive qualifications, he was a senior officer in the Canadian Forces and served as the chair of defence studies at Queens University. His 2012 book Uprising explored a …

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New Chart: Politicians & Vancouver’s DTES Poverty Industry

This chart is an investigation into relationships between Vancouver politicians, political parties and the Downtown Eastside poverty industry. It’s currently under-development, and will be used for future stories covering Libby Davies’ retirement and contest to replace her. Please leave a comment If you have suggestions for additional entries and/or relationships. A larger version of the chart …

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Talking With Ezra Levant About Robocall Rallies And American Style Dirty Politics (Parts I & II)

Part I:

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Love Is The Movement: Joe Cressy, Elizabeth May, Linda Duncan & Parliamentary Theatre

When Olivia Chow announced herself as a candidate in Toronto’s next mayoral election she also resigned as Member of Parliament for the Trinity-Spadina riding. It didn’t take long after Chow’s announcement for things to start heating up. On March 13th Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau stirred up controversy within his party by blocking Christine Innes’ candidacy. …

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NDP MLA Jenny Kwan, Ellen Woodsworth, DTES Corruption And The Future Of Vancity Credit Union

Correction: This article originally listed Rich Coleman as being married to Janice Abbott- this is, of course, wrong. As I wrote back in 2012, her husband is Shane Ramsay. For the past three years, this site has been pointing out the corruption in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), the neighbourhood that brought us the phrase “poverty …

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