A Curious Peek Into The RCMP Led CFSEU Anti-Gang Unit In Surrey, BC

Periscope is an app that makes it almost too easy to broadcast live videos from Android and IOS phones. I often use it when covering protests, it’s come in very useful when ethically challenged activists try to make up stories I’m doing anything but quietly filming. I’ve also used it to ask hard questions of Jane …

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Fiji Water Swilling 350.org Climate Hypocrite Stands Up For Line 9 Saboteurs!

In a startling revelation that further demonstrates that the wrong people are leading Canadian climate activism, 350.org’s jet-setting Fiji Water connoisseur Clayton Thomas-Muller stood out in solidarity with yesterday’s Line 9 pipeline saboteurs. The announcement was posted on the NGO’s website by 350.org employee Cameron Fenton, the incorrigibly stupid climate activist who recently pulled the race …

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Green Party Backs Extremists, Endorses Misinformation Attack Against RCMP (Feat. Unist’ot’en)

The Unist’ot’en Camp is a protest site in northern BC that claims to be at the junction of several proposed oil and natural gas pipelines. The camp is officially part of the Unist’ot’en, a clan belonging to the Wet’suwet’en First Nation. The is represented by two indigenous spokespeople and claims to have the support of 5 hereditary chiefs, …

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Was Thomas Mulcair’s Heckler An NDP Stooge? (Feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller)

In October 2009 a group of protesters interrupted NDP leader Jack Layton right at the moment he was about to begin making a statement on climate change. The man who started the interruption was Dave Vasey, the former leader of Occupy Toronto, and one of the elite group of Canadian activists who share the same tattoo …

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BC Homebuyers Unwittingly Fund Misleading Water Campaigners (Feat. Real Estate Foundation of BC)

One of BC’s loudest activist campaigns over the past couple of years has been the fight against Nestlé’s water bottling plant in Hope, BC. Organizations battling against the company’s operations have complained that Nestlé was “tapping the water for free” in a “multi-million dollar giveaway” that’s “removing the water from the watershed” that could “suck Hope …

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