Video: Soros Funded Indigenous Environmental Network At COP17

Okay, I’m no expert in the Tar Sands- so I’m sharing a video by the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and asking for your help. Because, something just doesn’t feel quite right about it. So, if I make any mistakes on this article, don’t judge me for it- because, I simply just don’t know what I am talking about here…

IEN received $255,000 USD over 2009 & 2010 from the TIDES Foundation, an organization known to have been funded my a number of billionaires including Hewlett, Packard, and Soros. We’re talking the real 1% here. TIDES also funded the Ruckus Society, an organization that is well-known to a number of people taking leadership roles at Occupy Toronto. Soros also funds organizations like the Rainforest Action Network, David Eby’s political campaigns

Tar Sands protesting has had a bit of attention lately for perhaps being manipulated by foreign money. But, this isn’t something new- you may remember this ordeal that turned out to be political theatre by a PR hack. Investigating the Tar Sands is kind of like peering through the looking glass.

Now, I say that not because of all the interesting links (and the text you read while hovering over them. But, because, I’m sure you are asking yourself right now- what the hell is Soros doing funding a bunch of anti-capitalist protesters? Good you asked- because, it turns out that Soros is a Marxist!

Macdonald Stainsby (who is in the video) endorses the fucked-up ideas in this book.

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