Media Watch: Krusty Krystalline Kraus Is A Krap Reporter ( Editors Too)

Not only is Krusty Krystalline Kraus (KKK) someone who takes advantage of the indigenous community, and not only is she a compulsive liar, but it seems she is also a rather crap reporter. Or, perhaps I am giving her too much credit here, she could just be lying….

Have a look at this article she wrote about the incident were a protester was hurt during yesterday’s riots in Victoriaville, Quebec. Here’s a quote from the article:

Among those injured was Francis Grenier (20) following the explosion of a police stun grenade to the face — specifically to the right eye. Grenier is a student at Cégep de Saint-Jérôme and was attending the peaceful demonstration when he was wounded by police. Despite surgery, Grenier lost use of his right eye.

Okay, now have a look at this video:

Silly KKK, what’s peaceful about these people? It looks to me, and a few other people who have watched this video, that the demonstrators are being quite violent! That is, if you think it is violent to throw a 6-foot tall street post into a line of police like a javelin!

I know this is common knowledge by this point- but, I’ll be repetitive. cannot be trusted- they repeatedly tell lies, manipulate stories, and have a set agenda that is not compatible with the 99%.

Time to find out if they still get any government funding…

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