Kevin Annett Goes Off The Rails – Threatens Police & Government Employees!

Is Kevin Annett a simple con-artist, or is he riding the crazy train?

Ever since I’ve started exposing Kevin Annett I’ve noticed that he has progressively lost control of himself. At first I tried to assume that Kevin was cognizant that he is doing the wrong thing- I tried at least. But, the more he publishes, the more it becomes apparent he’s riding the crazy train. And, today, it’s beginning to look like he’s getting dangerous…

In today’s example of Kevin’s deteriorating condition, he writes a public notice to the country’s public servants and police warning them that they must take heed to his kangaroo court and follow their direction!

As servants of the Public Peace and Welfare rather than of a potentially convicted authority, you will be asked by this Court to place yourselves at the service of a fair and impartial investigation of documented crimes involving the Crown of England.

See what I mean? Kevin’s really off his rocker now, and is obviously getting delusional if he thinks that he has the authority to direct anyone. But, it gets worse!

“If you officers continue to serve as agents of the Crown under these circumstances, you will have betrayed your public trust and responsibility, and disqualified yourselves from holding public office.

In such a eventuality, you may face summary arrest and trial for aiding and abetting those engaged in Crimes against Humanity.”

Now he’s threatening them with ‘summary arrest’! Wow, Kevin, if you have been prescribed medication, you should be taking it now- this is not good. You are exposing yourself as a danger to the public here.

I’ve had more than one person come to me about this letter today and recommend that this be taken to the proper authorities. I agree, the next step to these sort of delusions is to act them out. I’ll be reporting this tomorrow to the Vancouver Police and the Nanaimo RCMP. At the minimum, they should be knocking on his door with a firm warning about what he’s threatening to do here. Even better would be for them to bring someone to conduct a psychological evaluation.

Here’s the letter:


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  1. He is so delusional it is unreal. Anyhow I went ahead and helped him out and put his crap on Harper’s page. I don’t know why Kevin Annett didn’t do that himself. Stephen Harper is on FB. Why not put his notice of intention there.

    I also put some extra bonus’s on this page, testaments, your site.

    It is time for Kevin Annett to put up or shut-up. If he has evidence of all of this, then he may bet to produce it after all.

    1. He’s so delusional that he’s becoming dangerous now…

  2. ok this is hilarious, pay attention to the TO and FROM addresses in the mail headers there, kevin sent himself an email and now claims it is from brussels-london. Didn’t know they were now a joint city. He’s finally cracking! Checkmate bitch!

    1. Wow, that’s a great observation! I missed that one- so funny!

      1. that’s ok I popped it on my blog, along with a few other observations from my inquiries. The crazies are really coming out of the wood work now, and I’d like to give a special thank you to mr. amos or whatever his name is, seeing as he included alot of this stuff as attachments to a whole wackload of people in parliament, I guess it’ll make it that much easier for Kevin to finally pay the piper for his fake charity. Thanks that saved me a lot of work.. ;) Even though I still think mr. amos needs some medication….

  3. I am all for freedom of speech, but this is treasonous..and intending to incite a riot.

    1. Yes, indeed it is. Kevin is going from laughable to dangerous now…

    • TD on July 29, 2012 at 02:20
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    Who would be conducting investigations? I would actually like our authorities investigated for corruption and they should not be shielded just because they are in authority and I don’t care who they are or what position they hold… However, .I think Kevin and company would not be able to find someone safe to do any investigation anyays, considering kevin’s bonehead move allying with a guy claiming to be the Antichrist/Christ where followers of the Antichrist/Christ guy are getting 666 tattooed on them…. Geez, i still can’t get over that one…

    • Standing Water on July 29, 2012 at 10:06
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    I think Kevin is mostly making a Magna-Charta argument, tho he is probably unaware of it. The Magna Carta sets bounds on who may be made an officer. The specific clause is nos non faciemus justicarios, constabularious, vicecomites vel ballivos nisi de talibus qui sciant legem regni et eam bene velint observare — We will not make justices, constables, sheriffs or any ministers except of such who know the law of the land and mean to observe it well.

    Now, this is from the Charter made June 15 1215, which means the law of the land is fixed, for the purpose of that clause, at that date. And if we look further into the phrase legem regni/legem terre, we find that they are all one with lei de Dieu (Keil. 191).

    Of course, a good University Modernist is trained to flap his hands and scream ‘delusion’ whenever anything threatens the system of corporate control—I believe it is very clear that to hold a degree, or, really, any license in right of the Crown (ballivos) in ancient times, you needed to respect the law of the land, that is, the law of God, our Lord and our King.

    Indeed, the very process by which Magna Carta was won from Bad King John is similar to the process Kevin wishes to undergo—now, whether I agree with the foundation of his argument or not, I don’t know. But he’s certainly not merely mentally ill, in need of medication, except perhaps to convince him that he cannot succeed, whether or not his cause is righteous, because they’ve got an air force, navy, etc. and he at most has none of those toys.

    Unless all of the Barons in 1215 were mentally ill for subjecting King John to their _process by battle._ Kevin is at least talking about forming a Court—John was forced by judicium dei, that is, battle, to sign Magna Carta. There is much historical precedent for the people forming courts and using process to constrain the monarchy.

    So, Greg, were the barons in 1215 mentally ill for wanting to subject the Crown to a summary process? They basically thought what Annett thinks—that the Crown is breaching its duty to the people in such an egregious way that to continue to serve the Crown under these circumstances is evidence of participation in a war of aggression against humanity.

    I think this conversation about the limits of governmental authority is very important. Not how Annett is engaging in it, but not how you are, either. I find all of the psychiatric talk you’ve been using lately to be boorish—I suspect you’re well-read enough to know that they simply did not talk this way historically, because they did not have the language; rather than talking about meds and delusions, they would have been reduced to their vernacular. “KEVIN ANNETT IS POSSESSED BY DEMONS!!”

    It’s sort of funny—the facts about Annett cannot have changed, but that you’ve slid down into this sort of mental health rhetoric diminishes my opinion of your blog. It is all too cheap and easy to slag those whom one disagrees with politically as ‘crazy’—indeed, didn’t they try to do that to you in Vancouver?

      • sheray on July 30, 2012 at 11:13
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      One doesn’t have to be a ‘good University Modernist’ to sense Annett’s delusion and grandiose opinion of himself. It simply takes good old fashioned common sense.

      1. His ego always proceeds him before he walks through the door. Lol

      • sheray on July 30, 2012 at 12:29
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      btw it is completely unnecessary to compare Kevin with any historical figures.. in the here and now most people view him as just another man who has spun a web of lies based on his pursuit of profit/fame through manipulation and exploitation.

      1. Yeah, hopefully the only thing that will be historical about Annett will be his prison sentence…

          • sheray on July 30, 2012 at 13:36
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          I am sure in a sick way prison might even be another step in his agenda… then next we’ll be hearing from him and his daddy how his life work is as important as Mandela, or something along those lines lol..

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on July 29, 2012 at 10:40
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    OH, PULLING MYSELF UPRIGHT…..From Laughing..Thank you all. First, I would like to compliment MR/REV Kevin Daniel/McAnamme/Jeremiah/Jourdaine/Eagle Makes My sides Hurt/Sarah Hunter/The Elders/We/Us/Our/Central Office/London-Brussels-Ottawa/Annett – of METIS AND INDIGENOUS ANCESTRY – ON HIS MOST ELEGANT UNITED NATIONS-LOOKING LOGO…for his COMMON LAW COURT OF JUSTICE…Oh, excuse me, what has happened to the INTERNATIONAL, very international, TRIBUNAL (?) into CRIMES OF CHURCH AND STATE ??? Second, from most personal experience, I have come forward here to testify that there IS one male person in the City of London, who is Irish – a very bad pub musician – with very buck teeth, a recovering alcoholic who beat his children bloody, but now promotes breastfeeding, and who hugs grass and walls (such was displayed for my sake, oh my)…who I hear had a couch for Kevin, but who cannot afford to share his dole with him, by the name of CORNELIUS…that would be the london part of the brussels-london office equation. A very credible woman by the name of Belinda McKenzie once housed him until he informed her that he DID shower while in Canada, and until she received a letter from my husband assuring her I was NOT an MKULTRA mind control slave, NOR A BLACK OPERATIVE FOR…..MI5. Yes, indeed. Third, he was thrown out of his German host’s house in 2010 for offending her, for she is a Native American woman who married a German, who most certainly does NOT know what she is talking about when it comes to her own history. We know about Italy. Brussels? Well, Kevin was going to institute THE REPUBLIC OF HOLLANDAH at one point…I will find those docs – for it is a bit difficult now for the most sly of foxes to determine whether I am joking or telling of reality now….but I have not joked yet. No. Fourth, it would be precient for all of us to converse about the KANATA/REPUBLIC OF KANATAH…delusion of the MAN OF ENDLESS PERSONALITIES…next. Be well, my friends, and I would advise keeping a safe distance from the neighborhood where the ‘girlfriend’, whom he detests and who beats him, and who is also an agent for the state, and another MKULTRA mind control slave, much like myself, resides – uh…with him. 666 for now.

    1. quite the contrary that was completely hilarious. Had me in stitches. Kevin’s lies are so delusional that I find your description of the “london office” to probably be a fairly accurate one.

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on July 29, 2012 at 11:26
    • Reply

    You know, Mr. um Standing Water….Look, we know you are educated. We have realized your fluency of Latin RE: EX PARTE, for Mr. Bowman has now most certainly PARTED. We are also educated, and have working knowledge of Magna Carta and the good King John and the historic events of 1215. We also are socially and mentally balanced in our environment today in the year 2012, and all of us who have difficulty with your behaviors know that you are not. This is the problem. Apparently, the United Church had the same issues with you when it required you to go under psychiatric evaluation – and care – in 1995, which is when and why you handed in your letter of resignation. You see? Poor Mr. um Standing Water. You really have lost your WATER, and have not been able to STAND for quite some time now. I do agree with your own assessment – probably the ONLY words of TRUTH your have ever uttered – “KEVIN ANNETT IS POSSESSED BY DEMONS!!”. Very astute and very brave for a patient from the D Ward. Now, time for your meds MR. Standing On Your Heads.

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on July 29, 2012 at 11:30
    • Reply

    Kevin, Royce has just recommended for you a NEW name…..drum roll…..more drum roll….THE DARK KNIGHT RISING. He thinks, and wants me to write here, that the chivalry of the Age you speak of -1215, will help your most frayed public relations. At peace, my friend.

    1. That’s an okay name, but I still prefer my suggestion – Walking Eagle, a bird so full of shit that it can’t fly…

    • sheray on July 30, 2012 at 13:39
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    also just noticed he is asking on the hidden from history website for money to be made out to :

    Lori O’Rorke
    260 Kennedy St., Nanaimo, B.C.
    Canada V9R 2H8.

    1. interesting so his roommate or girlfriend or whatever she is, is in on his as well. WTF? These people have either inherited a dominant delusion gene or they have no idea what they are getting themselves into, maybe people should tell them that cashing cheques for kevin makes them an accessory to this fraud, hope it’s worth it for them.

      1. They will find this out soon…

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