Kevin Annett Goes Off The Rails – Threatens Police & Government Employees!

Is Kevin Annett a simple con-artist, or is he riding the crazy train?

Ever since I’ve started exposing Kevin Annett I’ve noticed that he has progressively lost control of himself. At first I tried to assume that Kevin was cognizant that he is doing the wrong thing- I tried at least. But, the more he publishes, the more it becomes apparent he’s riding the crazy train. And, today, it’s beginning to look like he’s getting dangerous…

In today’s example of Kevin’s deteriorating condition, he writes a public notice to the country’s public servants and police warning them that they must take heed to his kangaroo court and follow their direction!

As servants of the Public Peace and Welfare rather than of a potentially convicted authority, you will be asked by this Court to place yourselves at the service of a fair and impartial investigation of documented crimes involving the Crown of England.

See what I mean? Kevin’s really off his rocker now, and is obviously getting delusional if he thinks that he has the authority to direct anyone. But, it gets worse!

“If you officers continue to serve as agents of the Crown under these circumstances, you will have betrayed your public trust and responsibility, and disqualified yourselves from holding public office.

In such a eventuality, you may face summary arrest and trial for aiding and abetting those engaged in Crimes against Humanity.”

Now he’s threatening them with ‘summary arrest’! Wow, Kevin, if you have been prescribed medication, you should be taking it now- this is not good. You are exposing yourself as a danger to the public here.

I’ve had more than one person come to me about this letter today and recommend that this be taken to the proper authorities. I agree, the next step to these sort of delusions is to act them out. I’ll be reporting this tomorrow to the Vancouver Police and the Nanaimo RCMP. At the minimum, they should be knocking on his door with a firm warning about what he’s threatening to do here. Even better would be for them to bring someone to conduct a psychological evaluation.

Here’s the letter:


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