Kevin Annett Blocked By The Queen! Should He Change Jesuses In Midstream?

Jesus (of Siberia, not Puerto Rico)

Dear Kevin,

I saw you published your letter about being barred from the UK by the Queen and her satanic henchmen! (well, that and you’ve been banned entry for misuse of a tourist visa.) So, does this mean that you are nervous that HM Immigration are now aware of the fact you’ve previously smuggled yourself into Wales by ferry? They may be aware at all ferry terminals Kevin- your Canadian passport will make it easy to point you out.

So, are you going to cower-down and skip going to the UK? Perhaps a RyanAir fight into Amsterdam or Brussels instead?

But, they too may know your plans to improperly enter their countries on a tourist visa. Are you not a bit worried about that? Not as worried as you should be for entering the UK, of course. If they get you you may be charged with a criminal offence for multiple counts of illegal entry. (And, no, Kevin, that’s not a reference to that “one night in Bangkok” experience of yours at co-op radio.)

Perhaps you’ll try Italy while you are in Europe? They could be aware that you went to Ireland with the intention of bursting into a church and causing mayhem. I’m not sure if they are going to be happy to see you at their borders. There’s a good chance that they are aware of this by now also Kevin.

Gee, Kevin, it must feel like you are walking down a mine field right now? Sorry about that, but I do have one – personal – question for you. Have you found Jesus yet Kevin? Oh, silly me, you’re partners with Jesus! Holy Jose Jesus Miranda are you ever!

On that note- Is Jesus paying for your travels across to Europe? I guess what I’m asking is are you on the payroll of the Antichrist? Because, I think you may have the wrong Jesus. Your’s is too flash, he has way too much bling. And, I think most people don’t expect their saviour to be bling Jesus from Puerto Rico.

Can I suggest a much cooler Jesus for you to partner with Kevin? The Jesus of Siberia seems like a really mellow dude. Perhaps if you could get a last-minute ticket on Aeroflot you could hop over and see Иисус and see if he’s the real one too!

Good luck with that minefield Kevin. If you somehow make it home without being incarcerated, I’ll bet you will be very uncomfortable clearing customs back home- won’t you?

I wish I had one of Alfred Webre’s secret hyper-space time travelling cameras. I’d sent it speeding through the next week looking for what fortune holds for you. Kevin, I’ll leave you with one piece of advice:

Oh, and I’ll leave you with a good Jesus dance. You may need to start learning more about them in the future. There are many Jesuses in this world- hope you’ve hooked-up with the real one!


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    • ptehinsilaska on September 10, 2012 at 09:44
    • Reply

    Oh Greg, this is mastery.

    • Standing Water on September 10, 2012 at 12:43
    • Reply

    Looks like Occupy Vancouver could relocate to Siberia and live out its obedience-cult fantasy in a nicely wooded setting.

    • ptehinsilaska on September 10, 2012 at 13:54
    • Reply

    Oh hey KEV..Still standing in the water, eh? Well, it does give me some comfort to see that you still check in here -your Indian personality does anyway- where the sound minds hang out and discuss important and real issues……One can only hope that a brush with sanity would affect you in some positive way. You know, should we worry about your feet, standing in the water all these months???

    Oh, one more thing Kev. Weren’t YOU Occupy Vancouver/Toronto/Church/Vatican/camera-and airwave-space, at some point in your recent murky dog-bone very verified “CUP-UP” human bone waving history?… Well, it’s good to hear that you are listening to reason, and agreeing with Greg then. Guess you’ll be catching that Aeroflot flight …en your route to finding Jesus, or occupying him, or exorcising him…I don’t know, it is getting a bit hard to keep up with the dog-and-pony show these days. Bon voyage. Write home. Don’t forget to brush your teeth and give your feet some air. Oh, and do keep us laughing. The truest gift of you….(Standing…. – something was standing at the co-op radio) oooooooo

      • Standing Water on September 11, 2012 at 21:00
      • Reply

      If I were Kevin, my life would be a _lot_ more interesting.

  1. Ohmigosh….. took me a day to stop laughing to comment on this one….!

      • ptehinsilaska on September 10, 2012 at 16:35
      • Reply

      I know !!! Tis mastery of wit, I tell you !

  2. hmmmmm. “standing water”, you just happen to write and post from Lori’s job IP ? is Lori STANDING in it too????? roflmao

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