Kevin Annett Bedazzles South Dakota Hicks! (Feat. Eugene Richard Hidalgo & The Antichrist!)

Eugene Hildago: Does he believe Jesus is a Puerto Rican guy in Miami?

Eugene Hildalgo: Does he believe Jesus is a Puerto Rican guy in Miami?

Twenty-five months have passed since Your Humble Narrator began debunking Kevin Annett’s con-artistry- and, albeit slowly, the truth about his misdeeds has spread to all corners of the globe (well, over 125 countries so far). There was a time, at the height of his fraud, when Annett lived a high-flying lifestyle: Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Rome. But as time passes his opportunities get weaker by the hour. Annett announced he was to be in Europe this week, but instead, he’s found himself (literally and figuratively) in the middle of nowhere- the town of Salem, South Dakota.

While in Salem Annett hooked-up with a group of deeply religious far-right “Freeman on the Land” types. And, get this, they’ve announced the grand-opening of the “High Court” of the “Covenanted Congregationalist Charter“! The ‘court’ is based in the heart of downtown Salem at the offices of the Sovereign Love Free Church (which Google StreetView shows as a private residence).

Anyone familiar with Annett’s story will probably find that amusing on so many levels. First there’s the obvious, Salem is a one square mile village with an official population of 1,345- a town so small it’s barely worthy of a county court no less a “high court” (delusions of grandeur much?). But, much more amusing is to see Annett working with such strange bedfellows. Do they know that Annett is a Marxist? Are they aware he works with a televangelist who calls himself the Antichrist? How about Annett’s partnership with a man who says Obama secretly travelled to Mars (and promotes Satanic ideology)- would they still be working with him if they knew this?

Who Are The New Characters?

Looking through the website for the new kangaroo “high” (perhaps as in marijuana?) court, one will find that, besides Annett, there are two listed “officers”: Brian Brobeck, and a man who goes by the name of Eugene Richard Hidalgo. The former doesn’t have much of an online footprint, but there is some information available about the latter.

Here’s “Hidalgo’s” biography from his Facebook page:

“Born on September 7, 1971, Rick grew up in South Florida around his Hispanic family in the Cutler Ridge area of Miami. At the age of eleven his family moved to Orange Park, Florida where Rick attended middle and high school. Rick graduated from Orange Park High School in 1990 and went on the college at Florida Baptist Theological College in Graceville, Florida where he met his life partner Ruth. Rick and Ruth married in 1995 in a small church in Fleming Island, Florida where Ruth attended church prior to marriage. Rick and Ruth settled down in Middleburg and started a family. After having five children (four by home birth), Rick and Ruth left Florida for the open spaces of South Dakota where Rick believed God had called him to begin a ministry in 2006. In 2008 Rick ran for Public Utilities Commissioner in South Dakota with the Constitution Party and secured 6% of the vote in the state. Rick’s passion for the Constitution and Bible has brought him into alignment with other patriots throughout the United States who are attempting to restore the republic that our Constitution guarantees.”

These Guys Aren’t That Smart…

In the typical fashion of Freeman on the Land types, Brobeck and Hidalgo published documents on their website (“Oath And Affirmation for Officers of the High Court of Reconciliation”) declaring themselves officers of the high court. Unfortunately, the first line of their affirmations is an obvious lie:

“I [fill in name] being of sound mind and clear conscience do hereby swear that I will faithfully and justly execute the office of an agent of the Covenanted Congregationalist High Court of Reconciliation according to the best of my abilities”

I’m sure you can see the problem here, how could a person of sound mind and clear conscience ever partner with Kevin Annett? Honestly,by this point in time the only people who still support Annett are either terminally stupid or disgustingly corrupt. Or, perhaps insane?

Your Humble Narrator is inclined to believe that Hidalgo & Brobeck’s problem is that they’re intellectually challenged and haven’t done their research. The first clue to that is that they’re both products of American education- making things worse, Hidalgo went to school in Florida (Your Humble Narrator is a survivor of 2 years in Florida schools, scary stuff!). But more importantly, Annett’s values (and the values of his closest partners & allies) are pretty much the exact opposite of Hidalgo & Brobeck.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • Annett Is A Socialist:
    Far-lefr radical Barry Weisleder with Kevin Annett (notice what it says on the banner)

    Far-left radical Barry Weisleder with Kevin Annett (notice what it says on the banner)

    Kevin Annett was one of the original seven members of the Canadian chapter of International Socialists- a Marxist (translated into American: “a dang commie!”) organization that’s pretty much the direct opposite of Hidalgo’s values, and probably the values of the entire town of Salem. He’s worked closely with many socialist organizations in the past- notice the call to “nationalize auto, steel & banks under worker’s control” in the above picture.

  • Annett Has Partnered With The Antichrist!
    Jose Jesus Miranda- a televangelist who thinks he's the 2nd coming of Jesus

    Jose Jesus Miranda- a televangelist who (literally) thinks he’s the 2nd coming of Jesus

    Hidalgo and Brobeck are both god fearing Christians, the type of folk one would expect to find in a small town in rural South Dakota. So, it may shock them to learn that Annett has partnered with Jose Jesus Miranda, a Miami based (perhaps a connection to Hidalgo?) televangelist who calls himself the Antichrist, and claims to (at the same time) be the 2nd coming of Jesus. Making things worse, Miranda asks his disciples to tattoo “666” on their necks. He’s definitely not the type of person who would be invited to Salem Mayor Robyn Rayman’s house, that’s for sure!

  • Kevin Annett’s Close Ally: Alfred Webre

    Alfred Webre - Con-Artist and "light" worshipper...

    Alfred Webre – Con-Artist and “light” worshipper…

    Alfred Labremont Webre is one of Kevin Annett’s closest associates. Webre is a Grade A nutbar who believes that Obama secretly travelled to Mars in his youth! If that doesn’t make things bad enough, Webre is what they call a “lightworker“- a New Age cult that many people perceive to be a Satanic worship. Webre signs off all of his emails “love and light”, a phrase connected to occultist Aleister Crowley (recently diseased Peaches Geldof was part of his cult).

    I’m not sure about Salem (perhaps it’s a town of witches and occultists?), but most small towns in US flyover states would probably chase such people out of town with torches and pitchforks…

  • Kevin Annett’s Close Ally Doreen Agostino Agostino is another one of Annett’s new age occultist followers. When not trying to con people by selling them perpetual energy machines or giving them spiritual advice on how to get Rich, Agostino spends her time promoting Annett’s scam (con-artists often gravitate together). She’s not friendly to Christians either- you can see that in the above video when she gets angry with a young Christian man who tried to talk about his beliefs.


After having been turfed out of bigger cities (with smarter people), Annett is now subjugated to working in small towns with naïve populations that are easily impressed by travelling snake oil salesmen. Basically, Annett has turned into Lyle Lanley- let’s hope that the people of Salem figure this out before too many people get hurt, or lose their hard earned money.

We’ll leave you today with a video that should give you a good laugh- Annett, and Lanley as they sell themselves to the simple folk of Salem…

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  1. Why is it that you mentioned at the start of your story, Freeman of the Land, i right away had visions of cutis nixon in my head acting like a twit? ( oh wait, he always acts like one )

    When will Annett come to the realization that everyone, Well the sane people anyway , are on to him and his con games?

    1. Yep, just another yokel! Pass me the skunk meat Jolene!

    • Ciaran Ahern on April 9, 2014 at 20:40
    • Reply

    It’s amazing how this ‘preacher’ or bible ‘thumper’ claims that God guides him.
    I wonder what kind god looks over South Dakota and has guided Hidalgo to Annett ?

    I thought it might be worth contacting him to warn him about Annett.
    I warned him of Annett being a conman – and he read it as ‘common man’.
    And either he was too lazy to put in the extra effort to spell the word effort correctly or he can’t spell the word.It looks you are right about the education system in Florida.

    This is his reply to me :

    I do appreciate your eforts to warn me of this “common man”. However, if any harm is done to my family it will not be by Kevin’s hands but by the hands of those with evil intentions. Do not presume me to have aligned with any man. I do not place my trust in man but in the God of all creation. The God we are all subject to, including Kevin.

    In His Service,
    eugene richard of the house of hidalgo
    Pastor, Sovereign Love Free Church
    341 South Main Street
    Salem, South Dakota [57058]

    1. Oh, my. Doesn’t he understand that when he puts up a website declaring he’s created a “high court” with his and Annett’s name on it that this means he’s aligned himself with the “common man”? This guy is a real piece of work!

      Seeing his address again brings up another question. Is Pastor Eugene’s chapel pronounced like “Sovereign, Love Free, Church” or “Sovereign Love, Free Church”? I’m guessing, by his statement of not aligning with any men, I’m guessing it could be the first…

    • Lois on January 10, 2015 at 12:48
    • Reply

    Alfred Webre has outted Kevin Annett. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. i mean maybe you need to get out of Salem once in a while.

    • Undertaker on January 30, 2017 at 14:14
    • Reply

    The hidalgos themselves are up to no good. I have been researching them for a year now. You’ve barely touched the topic of what they truly do in their own house

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