International “Common Law Court” Indicts The Pope While Sitting On The Toilet! (Feat. Kevin Annett)

Kevin Annett indicts the  Pope from the loo!

Kevin Annett indicts the Pope from the loo!

Kevin Annett is the Energizer bunny of online con-artists. This site has helped expose Annett’s fake discovery of a mass grave at an Indian residential school, his abuse of residential school survivors, how he forged the signature of a dead woman, how he lied about filing a case in Canadian federal court, and dozens of his other foibles. Yet, somehow, Annett has still been able to recruit new followers (albeit, not very bright ones).

If you’re ever looking for an example of how the Internet is full of gullible idiots- Kevin is your man. He’s moved on from abusing indigenous people, and has now ‘officially’ dissolved the Canadian state; indicted the Pope, Prime Minister, and a couple of RCMP officers; and single-handedly issued warrants for their arrest! And, as his latest video shows us (see above picture) he broadcasts his delusions of grandeur directly to us- while sitting on the throne of someone’s toilet!

But let’s get more serious for a moment, and ask an important question- is Annett’s “International Common Law Court” in Brussels real? If you’ve been following Annett’s antics for long now, the answer will surely amuse…

Understanding Annett’s “Common Law” Court:

(Click to expand)

(Click to expand)

The basis of Annett’s latest fraud is an ‘organization’ he calls the International Tribunal For Crimes Against Church and State (ITCCS). It’s a grandly named group (of one) whose primary interface with the world is a poorly configured WordPress blog that uses a picture of a church surrounded by police crime scene tape. Check out the site, if your IQ is over 75, it won’t take you long to realize it’s a bad joke.

According to Annett, the ITCCS have setup an “International Common Law Court of Justice” in Brussels, Belgium. The image above is a copy of one of the court’s declarations- in this case, Annett is giving the order to his followers that it’s their duties to invade churches, arrest clergy, and confiscate their assets. A couple of people have tried this already- one nearly got arrested, the other was placed in a mental hospital for observation.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

The key to understanding the fraudulence of Annett’s court comes by deconstructing his use of the phrase “common law”- it’s a real laugh riot, and something already explained on this site back in August, 2012:

 “There are two primary types of law- Common Law & Statute Law. Common law refers to the laws that are more or less “that’s the way it has always been done.” Common law relies upon the body of history and prior cases to establish what the rules are, one of the reasons lawyers study past cases so much. Statute law refers to the laws that have been passed by the legislature and have been written down and ‘codified’ for use.

Annett says he is conducting a criminal case, Criminal Law is codified into Statute Law, and is not related to Common Law. So, Annett says his tribunals are not”mock trials” but they are, but virtue of the fact that tribunals are (in Canada) creatures of statute only. So, basically, what Annett is saying here, is circular nonsense.”

 Okay, so it’s clear now that Annett doesn’t have a clue about what he’s talking about- but wait, there’s more!

The concept of common law is derived from English Law, a system that was spread far and wide back in the days of the British Empire; most Commonwealth countries still use common law today. If you’re the observant type, you’ve probably already noticed the problem here. Annett’s claims his court is based in Belgium- a country that’s never been part of the Commonwealth, nor a subject of the British monarchy. Belgium’s legal system is based on Napoleonic Code, they don’t use common law. So, basically, Annett’s claim of creating a common law court in Belgium is a poorly executed farce.

But, if your IQ is over 75, you’ve already figured that out by now- all it takes is one look at Annett broadcasting videos sitting on his throne…

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    • CL on March 23, 2014 at 17:16
    • Reply

    Gotta love The TV on the wall too, that is one nice bathroom. ha. What a joke.

    1. Indeed, the guy has moved into his ‘clown’ phase…

  1. I think it’s appropriate that the bathroom where his ‘press conferences’ are being held now…. best place for all that b.s….

    1. Indeed, all we need now is for him to flush and get sucked into the vortex…

      1. Or to get beamed up by one of Webre’s aliens…

    • Ed Smart on March 23, 2014 at 20:57
    • Reply

    It’s astonishing to think that some people will look at this Kevin Annett video, and end up believing that he is reporting real News and Fact. The guy cant even be bothered to find a decent backdrop for this video. Even a plain painted wall would have taken him all of 5 seconds to find. Instead we are treated to views of his Toothpaste and Soap. Who in their right minds could take this Joker seriously, after watching this Video? In fact, he is actually insulting the memory of those who have died, and those who have suffered, at the hands of Christian Churches, with his shameful video.

    • Ciaran Ahern on March 24, 2014 at 03:17
    • Reply

    This You Tube video by Kevin Annett is aimed at his ‘hard of thinking’ devotees,where on top of the over hyped b/s of the ever present ‘breaking news’ he now tries to convince them that he is in transit to Europe to take part in some non-existent event that is going to be attended by non-existent politicians and non-existent ‘important’ people within the Roman Catholic Church who are on his side.

    I wonder whats worse. Annett doing this to con people or them believing him ?
    In reality what Kevin Annett actually does is book himself into some low-budget accommodation in his locale which has Wi-Fi.
    He does these videos and then checks out,but not before redeeming his money.
    (There is a short period of time allowed for this)

    He pulled off a stunt similar to this last September when he claimed he was in Italy with ten spiritual elders and an Irish Roman Catholic Priest named ‘Caiaran Ui Niall’ from Wexford in Ireland.
    He wasn’t in Rome and neither were any of those that he claimed were there.They couldn’t be ’cause they only exist in Kevins head.
    On the plus side – I think it’s appropriate that he has chosen a toilet for this verbal diarrhea.

    • andycanuck on March 24, 2014 at 10:41
    • Reply

    Can an ex-UCC minister make a statement ex cathedra? He really is nuts!

    • CaligulaJones on March 26, 2014 at 11:25
    • Reply

    Heh. Judge Judy had one of these nuts on recently (there was a recent incident in Calgary as well when a man took over a woman’s home on some “only in his head” legal precedent).

    Needless to say, he didn’t fare well. Maybe Annett can go on her show? At least he’d get better ratings.

    1. Maybe, but I think Annett is probably way too ugly for daytime TV…

    • Concerned Citizen on March 27, 2014 at 13:52
    • Reply

    Nice article but where is the proof. All I see is opinion and no facts to back up your claims. Dont get me wrong, I do not believe Keving but what you are doing is the same S$*% he is doing. If you want to expose Kevin then provide some real proof.

    1. There are links to all of my statements, just click them and you’ll see I’ve published dozens of articles documenting and providing evidence how Annett’s claims aren’t true. You may also want to visit my Kevin Annett page- you can find everything listed out there:

    • Ciaran Ahern on March 29, 2014 at 09:46
    • Reply

    Here is more of the b/s from Annett.

    His only ‘support’ now is like minded space-cadets in Cyberspace.
    There is no court in Brussels and there are no spies in the vatican giving him info.
    There are NO real people to join him in Brussels or anywhere for that matter.
    He is an absolute crackpot and so are those promoting his work on websites and Facebook.
    He likes to give the impression that he is very important and that the vatican are afraid of him.
    He even claims to have ‘attacked’ the vatican with lightning.
    Yeah! A real out and out crackpot.
    Karen Hudes claims that there are aliens in the vatican with huge skulls.
    I must be Annett she is talking about.You could ski down his forehead.
    I would like to know what drugs all these people are on ?

    • Donna Caran on April 6, 2014 at 21:54
    • Reply

    This website are full of shills/rolls to the extreme – such low vibrational energy website. I am very sorry for all of you … one day you will see the light <3 in love and light for all humanity

    1. “Low vibrational energy”, ha! Thanks for the laugh, in “love and light”!

      BTW, does Baycrest know you’re using their computers to do this?

        • Fuck you SWINE on May 9, 2014 at 14:10
        • Reply

        Hey “humble narrtor” who is anything but humble and is NOTHING BUT A LYING BOUGHT SHILL, doing the work for the enemies of the world and children! YOU HAVE NO PROOF of ANYTHING you say, NOTHING….funny how Kevin has MUCH PROOF in which he and MANY OTHERS from the court you say doesn’t exist and is of one man..LIAR, two people within the corut were MURDERED and you know it you bought and lying souless SHILL and supporter of pedophilia! WOW, how proud you must be to defend the PEDOPHILEs and CRIMINALS, the International Tribunal of Crimes into Church and State, which DOES exist and consist of MANY, has worked so hard to take down and regardless of your poor attempt at a smear campaign both the so-called “queen” WHO IS A CRIMINAL, whether you like it or not, as are both popes, 2 RCMP officers and stephen harper and many others you so clearly support are all financing a HUGE media black out and financial support for their weak, souelss, GODless, inadequate re[robate morons from helllike this LIAR who was paid to create this site, and attempt to distract the people, confuse the people, lie to the people and do everything, say everyhing you can WITH NO FACTS, NO PROOF (LIKE KEVIN ANNETTE DOES), to destroy him!!

        What was more nauseating are the complete and utter retards that are here commenting and slandering a REAL MAN who is trying to brind down those who beleive they are above the law and continue to do what they ARE DOING, HAVE BEEN DOING and WILL CONTINUE TO DO because society has been so dumbed down, so brainwashed, so naive and quite simply so stupid and it is because of all of these very stupid people, who do not know how to decifer truth from bullshit (which is plentiful here), these criminals are getting off, evading the law, putting themsleves above the laws, and are laughing at all of the morons in this world! That is how they have gotten away with so much, theyknow it, they admit it and express all the time, how stupid the people are. there is a reason for all of that too, there is a huge conspiracy, much larger than this, but I’m afraid the retards here could not comprehend, and to the lying and bought soul writing this crap who is criminally slandering Kevin Annette , we will provide our financial services to him, in hopes he sues your lying bought ass you weak pathetic coward, at least Kevin shows his face and has NOTHING TO hide, unlike your dispicbale self! People will learn, which side they should have taken in this situation using simple common sense, researching the well known history of royalty and pedophilia, politicians and pedophilia, govn’ts and genocide, the fake jews and banksters who run the vatican, and by fake jews, I mean scum bags like the rothschild’s and rockefeller’s who are set on destroying this world and our children and belong to the biggest child trafficker of all times…IsraeHELL, AIPAC, DYNA-corp, CPS, all ran by fake jews and all well known child abusers and molesters and child trafficking rings and this asshole who hides behind this site like satans bought cowards do, is owned by these things of evil and that is why he hides yet slanders those who reveal his masters! My personal messge to the people here…WAKE THE BLEEP UP!! To the BOUGHT, weak, pathetic, despicable,dreadful, appalling, contemptible, disgraceful, vile, wicked and loathsome pig who hides behing this site writing crap about GOOD men, a REAL MAN unlike those he is taking down, unlike the puke who hides here, know that when GOD said to those who harm his “little ones” and the retards here who have heard about the churches and politicians for years molesting children and all of you morons turning a blind eye, because you honour those who put them selves above law,like the fools you are, and GOD will hold you reponsible for your support of these sicko’s, but to those involved like the swine hiding behind a proabaly vatican or royally financed site, GOD said “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” -Mark 9:42
        And I cn’t wait until you and your are at the bottom of the sea, DEAD, like satan, your father!

        Know them by the fruits they bare, and this guy has wrotten fruit, and the people that are posting here in favour of this child pedophilia supporter and murder of children, are one of two things, you are border line mentally retarded an do not know how o be a critical thinker nor the inabiltiy to research something onyour own, and people, good or pathetic, have to educate you, but I also see that there are a lot of other shills here posting to make this site look more credible, but all it does it STINK OF SULPHUR and COCKROACH SHIT! SHOW YOUR FACE COWARD BEHIND THIS govn’t, vatican, IsraHELL, rothschild/rockefeller- FAKE JEW who are of the synagogue of satan,and we all know how demons from hell so love to give their names and show their faces, but instead just lie lie lie like their father the master of lies! GIVE YOUR REAL NAME “not so humble pig”,SHOW YOUR FACE COWARD!! Oh and th videos you have have been debunked, your kind took halloween videos from kevin’s now-ex-wife becaue your kind scared her off and then paid her, your kind took all kinds of her videos and said they were of somethign they were not, and that is waht your kind do best, lie, lie, lie, manipulate and deceive any fool without a brain and these days that means good pickin’s,with all those who know nothing about the hidden agenda with vaccines, US milk, GMO’s, fluoridated water, processed and refined foods, herbicides and pesticide saturated fruits and vegetables, bottled water and so on to make you as stupid as many are here, and therefore not being able to comprehend or undersatand that this stuff is and has been going on and is getting worse everyday, but guess what morons who don’t want to beleive the chidlren, the many witnesses, including those who were murdered before the trial, these same people have been taking you and your children down slowly but surely thorugh all the methods and more just mentioned, and soon it will get worse, and know that like these children who were al specifically targeted, you too are being targeted, it’s called soft kill, and soon it will be much more obvious, and when you cry out for help, I hope NO ONE but this swine who sits behid this site like a coward of satans, comes to you to make your situation worse and mock you! And to the pig shills who have psoted here to make it look like a legitimate site, like the children your kind like to abuse and molest, you will be bent over, like the swine behind this site, for satan for an ETERNITY, while the victims inherit heaven! BEND OVER PIGS, daddy’s pissed GOD sent him to hell and you losers could do nothing to continue his destruction on earth and therefore failed him……so BEND OVER and take it FOREVER, that will be your judgement, and rightfully so! Oh and none of you are satans children, because he is incapable, but you most definitely are satans FECES and NOTHIGN MORE! GO TO HELL SWINE, oh wait you are!!!!!!! B-E-N-D -O-V-E-R, you faile dthis short little life of a test miserable and so have al those who posted BS here and turned their heads on these children,perhaps it will be your child next!

        1. Here you go folks, this is the type of nutbar (likely on release from the hospital) who still supports Annett – classy folk! And a message to the dumkopf who wrote this message, go to the “Your Humble Narrator” page and you’ll see my name and picture! lol

          1. Not sure what to believe, but not for nothing, the previous HEAD OF THE FBI has some interesting things to say on Satanic Child trafficking cults on youtube…His accusations are even more alarming, so, while you’re at it, you may need to step up your “debunking game” to explain how the FORMER HEAD OF THE USA FBI is making accusations pretty much on par with this guy, who, in your defense, is doing videos from his bathroom…Vidi well Droog

    • Donna Caran on April 6, 2014 at 21:58
    • Reply

    Proof that this is a troll – shill website if you do not post comments that are adversary to your stance on issues. Let’s see what comes out of this. I have contacts through both alternative and mainstream media that will surely expose you. In time truth prevails that is one universal law that’s always at work. In love and light <3

    1. What are you talking about, I just posted and responded to your comment. Me’s thinks you’ve been drinking too much Kool Aid Donna…

    • Donna Caran on April 6, 2014 at 22:40
    • Reply

    Funny … don’t like Kool Aid myself – fake stuff similar to the fake stories presented here.

    The true essence of investigative journalism is presenting both sides fairly but your site mostly chooses issues that go against the mainstream conventional status quo and present a case of negating it. It goes without saying who pays for you to be putting such disinformation.

    Truth always prevails … its just a matter of time … this universal law is always at work my friend. In love and light … hoping that one day you will see your mistake in putting out such Kool Aid.

  2. I dunno… some MSM exposure on Kevin Annett would be a good thing Donna… Greg has nothing to hide, so let’s see what rats scurry into their holes with a little MSM sunshine thrown into some pretty dark corners… Tattle away Donna!!!

    • Donna Caran on April 6, 2014 at 22:59
    • Reply

    Yes i knew my last comment would never see the light. Your studies in philosophy and ethics clearly must have taught you something – in honouring the truth however disturbing or antiquated to your thinking it may be. Truth is not found when judgement is the main objective of your stance. In love and light in the hope that one day you will see the light as we are not here just for ourselves at the expense of another. We are all brothers and sisters – all one – working together to better society and humankind in real truth not defamatory remarks and disinformation. In Peace and Love <3

    1. You really need to learn to be more patient Donna. I have to approve messages, but I don’t sit waiting at my computer all day to make sure they’re all approved the moment they’re submitted.

    • william on April 11, 2014 at 17:03
    • Reply

    didnt think youd post it you spineless little girl,nice disinfo site,getting paid to work against people. Really bright group you have following you here. caligula jones huh ? Yeah…. bright group.

    1. Dear world. Please read this above message and take it as evidence that William Baird of Dynamic Wellness is a monster raving loony nutbar. Mr Baird came to this site defending a well-known con-artist named Kevin Annett- a guy who claims to have created his own private court and is now issuing “arrest warrants” for the Pope and Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Annett also claims to be a Nobel Prize nominee, that he forced the resignation of the Pope, and that he’s dissolved Canada as a country and renamed it “Kanata”.

      Please be advised that William Baird came to this website to defend Annett- he’s not just someone who believes in this madness, but he’s actively engaging in it. There’s something seriously wrong with this man…

    • Ed Smart on April 13, 2014 at 15:36
    • Reply

    The Reverent Kevin Annett have made some very big claims over the last 2 or 3 years. The biggest of these been the International Common Law Court of Justice, which we are told is based in Brussels. However there is no postal Address for this Building or Organization, nor is there even a Brussels phone number associated with it. According to Belgian Law (The Belgian Judicial Code Act of 4 July 2001) the ICLCJ is acting illegally by not registering a Business Address, and also by the fact that a license to practice Law in Belgium, is a national one, which requires registration with a local Bar, and which the ICLCJ has not done. Of course by not registering as a Legal practice or Business in Brussels, the ICLCJ does not have a TAX or a Charity Number either, although it has an Income from Donation’s. This is also Illegal in Belgium, as well as within the EU. The ICLCJ does not exist….Legally, and even if it does exist in an illegal form, any Verdict, and subsequent Warrants issued, are Null and Void, for all the reasons stated above.

    These are elementary and very basic facts. It is quite astonishing that Supporters of Kevin Annett have the gall to attack Greg Renouf on his Blog, accusing him of spreading disinformation. Need I remind those Annett Supporters, that it is in fact, their Leader/ Idol/Guru who is the one making all the big claims, without offering any proof.

    Greg Renouf is absolutely entitled to express his own option on his own Blog, in relation to Annett and his claims. There is absolutely no onus on Greg Renouf, to prove his basis for his own opinion’s, however, he does just that, right throughout this fine Blog. The real person Annett Supporters should be question closely, is Kevin Annett himself. That’s unlikely to happen though. Blind Devotion is difficult to overcome, for some.

    Remind me again. How many people were sent to Arrest Queen Elizabeth in Rome? Two. Was Kevin Annett one of them?. No. It was two Italian guy’s. Any photo’s or Video’s of their attempt? No. Any photo’s or Video’s of, or Interviews with, the two Italian guy’s, since their failed attempt to Arrest Queen Elizabeth? No. Wake up Annett Supporters. Wake up!

  3. Is that Occam’s razor?

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