Environment Hamilton Gives Militant Anarchists “Environmentalists Of The Year” Award! (Feat #SwampLine9)

#SwampLine9: Hamilton's Environmentalists of the Year!

#SwampLine9: Environment Hamilton’s Environmentalists of the Year- go crime!

One of my most disturbing discoveries while researching the resurgence of activist militancy was the large number of ‘legitimate’ organizations who’ve been willing to work with people who promote violent tactics. Sometimes it’s blatant, like when a leader at the Council of Canadians helped bring the Black Bloc into the Olympic protests; or things that make you go ‘hmmm’ like when the BC Civil Liberties Association withdrew their ‘Legal Observers’ shortly before the attack.

But, when it comes to adding insult to injury, nothing works better than giving them an award. The last time we saw this was in February, when Department of Foreign Affairs funds were used to label a mask fetishizing promoter of anti-police marches as one of Alberta’s “Top 30 under 30” activists. It was a true slap in the face for all the non-violent activists who’ve been effectively working towards change.

Today’s slap in the face is brought to us by the folks at Environment Hamilton…

Who Are Environment Hamilton?



EH is a Hamilton, Ontario based NGO that goes by the slogan “Hamiltonians for a Healthier Environment”. True to their name, they appear to focus on projects that have the potential to make positive change. The Hamilton Fruit Tree Project is a great example, harvesting fruit from the city’s trees that might otherwise be thrown away. The project is supported by the city government, with additional support from the GreenBelt Foundation.

EH’s office is based in the same space as Sonic Unyon Records, a company led by Tim Potococ- the Secretary of the Hamilton Arts Council (and organization supporting EH’s Greening Sacred Spaces initiative). Hamilton 350 (another #SwampLine9 supporter) also have their offices here. And, apparently, Sonic Unyon is currently in the middle of a controversy over NDP office space.

One of EH’s other projects is the Environmentalists of The Year Award, an annual gala where they honour “individuals and groups who have made a significant contribution to the protection and/or enhancement of the environment in the City of Hamilton”. Organizations who’ve been awarded in previous years include the Royal Botanical Gardens, The Windermere Basin Wetland Creation Project, and the United Nations Association in Canada- Hamilton Branch.

The event also gives an annual Award of Merit; which, in 2012, was handed to Elysia Petrone- an activist who received a lot of attention in the summer of 2013 as the spokesperson for a pipeline protest called #SwampLine9. Coincidentally (or not) this year’s Award of Merit went to #SwampLine9.

What Was #SwampLine9? 

Sakura Saunders at #SwampLine9: Environment Hamilton's Environmentalist of the Year!

Sakura Saunders at #SwampLine9: Environment Hamilton’s Environmentalist of the Year!

In June 20th, 2013, a group of protesters occupied and setup camp on the grounds of Enbridge’s Line 9 pumping station in Westover, Ontario. The site was under construction, Enbridge was installing new pipes and connectors at the time- construction was halted and workers were sent home.

The organizers were a who’s who of Ontario’s militant anarchists- hare are some of the highlights:

G20 convict Alex Hundert at #SwampLine9

G20 convict Alex Hundert at #SwampLine9

Alex Hundert: One of the ringleaders of the violence during the 2010 Toronto G20, Hundert was arrested for guiding people towards which windows they should be smashing- and counselling Ontario’s youth how to ‘de-arrest’ fellow protesters from the police (and act of violence). He was sentenced to 16 months in prison, much of it spent in solitary after attempting to ‘organize’ his fellow prisoners. Not limiting his violence to windows, Hundert has also been observed intimidating women, trans, and people with disabilities.

Sakura Saunders at #SwampLine9: Environment Hamilton's Environmentalist of the Year!

Sakura Saunders at #SwampLine9: Environment Hamilton’s Environmentalist of the Year!

Sakura Saunders: An American anarchist with a history of receiving funds from foreign foundations, Saunders showed-up with a mask on her face and used the protest as an opportunity to promote her husband’s (militant anarchist) band. This is hardly the behavior one would expect from the “Environmentalists of the Year”- it’s also reflective of the vanity and self-promotion we see from many of today’s professional protesters. Saunders has (legitimately) been of interest to Homeland Security and the RCMP.

Trish Mills partners with G20 Convict Mandy Hiscocks

Trish Mills partners with G20 Convict Mandy Hiscocks to teach “FUCK THE LAW”

Patricia “Trish” Mills: One of the most disturbing performances of #SwampLine9 came from Hamilton anarchist Trish Mills. She was arrested after locking her neck to the the Westover plant’s gates. When her day came-up in court, Mills got into trouble for causing a disturbance. In December 2013 she was filmed helping burn an effigy of a pig at a Toronto anti-police march. And, as the above posting from #SwampLine9’s website shows- Mills recently partnered with G20 co-ringleader Mandy Hiscocks to teach a seminar called “FUCK THE LAW”. Classy!


Gary Wassaykeesic with his flag at a 2013 anti-police march

Gary Wassaykeesic: One of the 3-4 indigenous participants, and a virulent anti-police activist, Wassaykeesic was given the most serious charge of breaking and entering; after climbing over the fence into a restricted (and dangerous) area. A couple weeks later, upon hearing that the people of Westover were less than impressed with the occupation, Wassaykeesic responded saying:

“Westover should be f##king thanking us. For letting the world that a small shit little town like Westover actually exists!”

A couple days after the protest was shut-down, #SwampLine9’s Facebook accounted proudly promoted that people had been (in solidarity) tampering with local trains. Environment Hamilton has some messed-up ideas of who to promote as role models.

Time For New Leadership At Environment Hamilton?

When interviewed by the Hamilton Spectator last June, EH’s Executive Director Lynda Lukasik said that the protest has ” been very helpful for opening up that public dialogue that is so crucial.” This may be true, but there’s so much more to the story- the protests also helped to promote a dangerous group of people.

The fact is that it’s unlikely the militants would succeed without the support the ‘legitimate’ of the organizations that back them. This award makes a mockery out of all the real activists working hard to make positive change. It’s a slap in the face to the good people…

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  1. Nothing more than radical activists taking turns patting each other on the back. All the while trying to create the illusion that they are something more than a radical fringe element of society. The problem they have is that most people are reasonable, intelligent and ask questions. People like to hear from both sides and make an informed opinion. Rather than just blindly believe vague accusations from sketchy radicals.

    1. One observer said to me that it’s a “circle jerk”, sounds about right…

    • Tamara on May 14, 2014 at 17:57
    • Reply

    If Sakara is considered a threat by Homeland Security, I am beginning to rethink my position on her…. Homeland Security is a huge threat the the US citizenry. The corrupt (elite controlled/ manipulated) US government going after it’s own pissed off citizens to ensure control over them, deeming average joe behaviors/ actions (such as paying with cash for things) as signs of being a possible “terrorist”. If they think she is a threat, then perhaps she is not under as much control by the elites as we might have thought. Then again, she is an anarchist… good luck with the elites trying to control them, they need trickery as giving orders won’t work.

    When you posted an article in the past showing Tide links and I said in a comment perhaps she and other didn’t realize they were being tricked, she denied any corrupt connection to Tides. If Homeland Security thinks she is an actual threat, I suspect she really was in denial and really didn’t (and still doesn’t) realize she is being manipulated. I have been paying attention over the years to the alternative media reporting on how Homeland Security is becoming like the security agencies in corrupt countries on the past, as a force of control… The US is a real mess right now. So I do not trust Homeland Security, or any security agency anymore, as they have been linked to so many corrupt and harmful projects/ actions.

    1. When you look at many of the Activistocrat’s funding, you can see that many of their activities are paid for by elite American foundations. As we’ve learned, these foundations aren’t unabashed about cooperating with the militants. This sort of situation is exactly why organizations like Homeland Security are watching what’s happening.

      If one runs around fetishising masks, promoting “smashy, smashy” hip-hop, and working with the convicted ringleaders of the G20; then it’s only that natural that law enforcement would be tracking them. Right?

      Sakura is an American, so it makes sense that DHS is watching her…

        • Tamara on May 19, 2014 at 16:52
        • Reply

        The fact elites are backing many actions is what makes me uneasy…. the fact Homeland Security is concerned about her makes me think there are some things she is doing that would be possibly threatening to the elites… the question is what? Since the elites are so good at tricking people into doing seemingly good but harmful actions, it would be a huge task trying to figure out just what it is she is doing that they find a threat. I do not have the trust you do in our “security” agencies, since the elites are infiltrating/ manipulating our government and financial system to such a large degree. They don’t care about damage to people or property as long as they are doing it, but when civilians get mad enough to become a threat to their power structure, they get antsy… but our power structure IS corrupt, Greg…. I think you haven’t quite realized that yet (even if you look at it from a non-anarchist perspective it is corrupt). Being convicted doesn’t always mean you are the bad one…. people under corrupt governments in the past were convicted when they were fighting against that corruption. Reading your articles, it seems you never ever support any kind of civil disobedience. I have to wonder how bad things would have to get before you would be willing to do so? I don’t mean violence, I mean civil disobedience… you don’t have to be violent to disobey. The US is in far worse condition. They’re even trying to force people into using “free speech” zones. There is so much information out there, but I wonder how many people have been looking at it? Very frustrating. :(

        I do realize that the elites are guiding much of this, as well as much of what is happening in activist communities. It is called “controlled opposition”. Infiltrating/ manipulating any opposition so that it does not affect them and also so it aids their agenda… So what is it that Sakura is doing that is a threat to the elites? I wonder what is in the Homeland Security files on her? I don’t think it is as simple as “she’s an American”…

      • Fritz Becker on May 19, 2014 at 02:26
      • Reply

      You can sort of shrug your shoulders at the actions of Homeland Security, whose TSA wing refuses to “Profile” real potential terrorists preferring to search grannies in wheelchairs, make people remove shoes, and a growing list of idiotic measures at U.S airports, I don’t think you could claim the same of the RCMP. You would really need to have to engage in some odd behavior for the RCMP to even take notice. It is beyond me why Sakura Saunders is even admitted into this country, we have enough domestic radicals why do we need more imported from Oregon, or Holland, or elsewhere? More of the colonialist mindset of these foreign foundations.

      1. The official story is that Saunders is married to Darius Mirshahi. If that’s true, it explains how she’s able to get across the border and stay. Unfortunately….

    • Fritz Kohlhaaa on May 18, 2014 at 17:14
    • Reply

    I’m sick and tired of those imbeciles! It will be getting worse if Trudeau should become
    Prime Minister!

    1. Welcome to the club, I’ve been sick and tired of these imbeciles for three years now! lol

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