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Police Caught as Agent Provocateurs/Black Bloc in Montebello

http://youtu.be/gAfzUOx53Rg This is real folks- in Canada, our government have been using Black Bloc tactics to discredit protest movements. We need a national inquiry! Equally, the Occupy movement should not tolerate Black Bloc tactics- they enable the police to infiltrate us…

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The Black Block Infiltrated On Canadian TV “POLICE BUSTED”

We Are Change Portland also have some questions about who started the Stanley Cup Riot. Some of the comments are quite interesting- particularly this one: “The Black Flock are creating excuses for unlawful violence to be used by public servants against peaceful people. Of course they aren’t all cops, some of them are mentally challenged fashion …

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How the notion of” live and let live’ can lead to enabling dysfunctional communities

by Eamonn O’Brien, posted originally on “Live and let live” means we all try to be very tolerant in the various communities we live.  When we walk down this road of compassion and tolerance we see that the inequities of society have left deep dysfunctional pitfalls in our path.  WE have to be always mindful that tolerance can lead …

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A Bit of Pro-British Propaganda To End The Night With…

And, yes, Black Bloc- I am in your face!  ;-p

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These Are The People Occupy Vancouver Marched To Support Today? WTF?

Occupy Oakland is notorious for its issue with the Black Bloc. Starhawk has been rather vocal about this issue- there is a great debate about it on Youtube…

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