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Canadians: It’s Time To Demand A Public Inquiry!

I met someone with an interesting persepctive while I was staying at the hostel in Victoria last week. He was from Mexico, from a political family, and had some relevant ideas to share with the Occupy movement. His words have been resonating in my head ever since we talked… I shared my experience setting-up the …

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Lots More Pictures of Cortes Island (And Victoria) on my Tumblr Page!

Come to my Tumblr Page for more pictures…

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Is this a put-on by a logging company?

Somehow, this sign doesn’t read as if it was written by an Eco-Warrior…

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Occupy Vancouver is an unsafe place (Dare you walk down her path?)

I had a chance meeting with someone on the ferry a couple of days ago. He was friends with Ashlee, the girl who tragically died at Occupy Vancouver. He confirmed his belief that the incident was not connected to Occupy- but part of her personal experience. I could see how he was touched by her …

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This picture of Occupy Vancouver is poetic…


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