SlanderMail from the Crazy CUPE Guy!

One intense looking Union Executive!

There is this man out there who makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable- perhaps unsafe. I’ve never met him before, never asked him to engage me-he came and hunted me down months ago back when I was at Occupy Vancouver. He appears violent and dangerous- I’m just hoping he isn’t a psychopath. Please, if anything ever happens to me, have someone check his basement. Have a look at how he introduced himself to me: (click to enlarge)

As you can see, he is a master of the ad-hominem– puts this coward to shame! And, if you read through my thorough response to him, you’ll see how what he says here appears to be bending the truth a little bit. Or, at least, framing things for his own means…

He’s the president of a CUPE Local 2073- but, I won’t hold that against him, despite that union executives are a rather animated and angry bunch. But, I must say, his picture scares me a bit:

Seems a bit irresponsible for a union leader to post stuff like this, doesn’t it?

He and I have discussed this image before- Rob insists that it isn’t violent. I think it’s, at the minimum, a borderline case. So, I was almost ready to accept his statement about it until I came across a recent posting of his on an Occupy Toronto Facebook page:

WWJRD- What would Judy Rebick do?

Now, I am certain my old auntie widow Payne would be scared out of her wits seeing this? Doesn’t he know any better than that? I asked Rob to grow-up when we discussed his profile picture last time. Since then, he has begun to promote damaging businesses windows! Doesn’t he know that CUPE has been accused of collaborating with the Black Bloc in the past? Is he out to destroy their reputation?

Anyhow, today he responds to everyone in the email I sent to Dave Vasey about his bullying me this past couple of weeks, and makes a couple of interesting statements. I’d like to use this time to address them- as it seems they are more of his personal attacks:

Seems like Greg is going to cover all of us, one by one, during his stay in Toronto.  Anyone who says anything negative about him will be targeted.

I’ve told Rob the answer to this before, and I have written it a number of times in a number of places. Is he not paying attention? I will write about anyone who hunts me down and insults me publicly on the Internet, yes. But, the other people who responded to that thread of emails will notice that I didn’t write about them here. In fact, I didn’t even copy the whole group- thought it would be better to keep the conversations private. Next:

And Dave, if you are part of those orgs Greg mentions, good on ya!  Though I have no idea why it’s anyone’s business what organizations you belong to.

I can’t believe it, I almost find myself agreeing with the Crazy CUPE guy! If Dave is working with all of these organizations, it is good on him! But, the questions is whether this is good on Occupy Toronto- and, is it good on Canada…

As for Occupy, we should have no objections to Dave’s personal involvement with other organizations. That said, it would be best that he declare them so there is no confusion about their influence. This is particularly true for anyone who takes a formal or informal leadership role.

And, for Canada? I’m 110% against building a pipeline through to BC. But, equally, I’m against having foreign interests exercising undeclared intentions by donating to Canadian non-profits. This is a very dangerous situation to allow, even in cases where we agree- because, next time, it may be for something we don’t agree on.

Pipeline politics is a multi-billion dollar business. In this case it is a proxy war of the US vs. China, and Canada is the pawn. I was in Azerbijan when they were where fighting over a pipeline- bad things were done to that country, we need to protect our’s from interests who may threaten our sovereignty.

So, Rob, I hope this clears things up for you. And, now that I have you here, I have a question for you:

1.) Are you involved in or do you support Black Bloc tactics?

2.) Is CUPE involced in or does it work with Black Bloc practices?

I have to ask, because the coincidences are piling up here, and I am left with a lot of doubt. This doesn’t mean you should be banned if you do- but, we should all know where your intentions and loyalties lie.

Solidarity Oh Ye Brother!
– Greg

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