Occupy Toronto Occupying the Street to Demonstrate Yesterday’s Police Violence!


The GA just issued the following demands/conditions for leaving our current occupation at Simcoe & Dundas in front of the 52 division police station.

1.) Unconditional and immediate release of the three occupiers being held.

2.) All charges unconditionally dropped.

3.) Public inquiry of the incident.

4.) Officers involved charged in civilian court and under the police act.

I can’t believe all of these demands are obtainable tonight. So it looks like we have reached a stand off…

So, the big question is now- will the police & city be tolerant tonight, or will they feel the need to crack down and clear the street?

I’ll be here to keep you updated. Wish us luck, and please call the Toronto Police Department to ask that they respect our rights!

+ 1-416-808-2222
+ 1-416-808-5200

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