Why Is A Regional VP At OPSEU Making Videos About Free Trade?

Perhaps I’m missing something here- but how does free trade affect the members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union? Shouldn’t Dave Lundy be busy representing his members rather than representing a partisan political issue like this?

And, also, my bullshit meter is going off here on his statement about the affect on Ontario dairy farmers. You see, Ontario has a highly regulated market for milk products- the ‘milk board’ runs on a quota system that guarantees prices for farmers and regulates their amount of production. This means that the closing of the Hershey plant wouldn’t affect farmers near to the plant.

Also, is it not possible that the high prices of the regulated milk are a part of moving the factory? Mexico has a free-market system and is therefore much more competitive…

Regardless, once more, what the hell does this have to do with the needs of Ontario’s public service employees? Do they know their dues are being misappropriated to further their executive’s political agendas? Is this even legal?

And, how about his poor kid who had to sit in the back of the car bored to tears while he filmed his propaganda?

Not fair dad! (shut-up kid, or I’ll pull out the riot gear on you!)

A newer, plastic-wrapped Hershey Bar

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