Why Are George Soros’ Marxists Targeting Peter Munk & Barrick Gold?

Peter Munk, Head of Barrick Gold...

It was just over a month ago when I first approached the subject of Barrick Gold. I wrote a story about how Sakura Saunders had told a couple of my sources that ProtestBarrick.net had got funding through the TIDES Foundation’s money laundering facility, and how there was a potential that George Soros was using them to affect their stock value

Not only did Sakura issue a strong denial to my story (and hasn’t yet opened her books to prove it)- but, she also led and dedicated an entire General Assembly to having me banned from Occupy Toronto. It was funny really, they had already had a GA to ban me- remember, that night they sent Alex Hundert to block me from entering and defending myself?

I’m probably the only person in the history of the Occupy movement to have been banned, never reinstated, and then banned again! Let’s see if I can get banned a third time- set a new record!

Life can be tough when you challenge the International Socialists

Danzig Baldaev's drawing of life in a Soviet gulag- is this what the International Socialists have planned for Canada after they get into power?

Anyhow, there’s an interesting thing I learned about Barrick Gold’s chairman, Peter Munk, last night- and it puts another piece of the puzzle together. Mr. Munk is a member of the Jewish National Fund– an organization founded at the Fifth Zionist Congress in 1901 that currently owns 13% of the total land in Israel. The purpose of this organization was to buy and develop land in Palestine for the settlement of Jewish people.

So what does this have to do with ProtestBarrick.net & the Marxists? Well, George Soros and his gang of Marxists are rabidly anti-Zionist, and spend a lot of time protesting the state of Israel. So, each time Sakura Saunders leads a protest against Barrick, she is also advancing this very prominent Marxist cause!

So basically, on the May 2nd anti-Barrick protest, the people of Occupy Toronto were used as a group of useful idiots. That’s great leadership Sakura- wouldn’t it have been more respectful had you disclosed all of your intentions in the first place? Because, I know at least one member of OT who attended your protest who is someone who supports Israel. And let me tell you, they are very far from impressed.

Personally, I sit in the middle when analysing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I’ve travelled there a few times, and spent a lot of time studying the history- both sides have acted irresponsibly. That said, because of Western intervention, the Israelis are currently much better armed & funded. But, if it were the other way around, I’d imagine the Palestinians would treat the Israelis any better than they’re being treated now. Religious wars are nasty that way.

Israel vs. Palestine: The weaponry hardly seems balanced...

Regardless, the most important point in this story is that much of the Occupy movement has lost sight of one of their most important values- transparency. Without this the movement has no chance of actually succeeding at its mission of building a better world. The people who are breaking Occupy’s pledge to be transparent are giving the movement a bad name, and alienating many good people.

Do you have anything to say for yourself Sakura? And, when are you going to open ProtestBarrick’s books and prove your claim you’ve never taken any money from/through the TIDES Foundation or other Soros influenced organizations? Are you ready to come-clean?

Or, is Occupy destined to be just another tool for the benefit of the 1%…

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    • Code e on May 13, 2012 at 20:41
    • Reply

    In a time of mass division, confusion and revolt, your writings have provided factual and critical analysis of the so called peoples movement. Thank you very much for your efforts and what you have provided to the public. Please continue your efforts in the name of transparency,

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement- it really means a lot…

      And, don’t worry about me stopping. The truth is that I’m only just getting started! ;-)


    • Occultpie Myass on May 14, 2012 at 19:39
    • Reply

    There was never any transparancy from these a*holes. This whole thing has been nothing more than a warm body and cash grab.

    1. Indeed…

  1. all the chess pieces are on the board and it will take some smart people to get a good defense strategy. Have a look at how transition town has been hijacking the creation of local currencies, so instead of providing this resilience they often promise, it instead creates over-confidence that we’ll weather the coming economic collapse. Chaos would ensue, while we will have to struggle to create a viable local currency. I have this to ask — why wouldn’t they position shills to screw your attempts at local currency?

    The best move, given where the pieces are on the board, is to defend yourself against this particular assault and begin to get the idea out there that a local currency should only be based on MINTED SILVER AND GOLD COINAGE. Alloys are acceptable to make smaller denominations. Having the value in your hand is important to keep the economy going during global economic collapse, so from a strategic perspective they are hard at work trying to ensure that these local initiatives are typically FIAT and pegged to federal currencies. LETS is pegged on the value of nothing, as if you really think about it, LETS is an honour based system and the most responsibility of being honourable is required of those whom administer the system. The potential to get screwed here is phenominal. local currencies are supposed to be independent of each other not interconnected via a shill organization called transition town. Just for reference, larry wartel, a facilitator of occupy, also a member of transition town, and well known communist here in victoria. When I asked “we are change” they weren’t at all shy about mentioning the many communist ideals this man pushed on the group. Transition town is really bad news for humanity, trust me…. underneath that veneer of greenness there is a cold, calculated task of disarming local currency (among other things) attempts. Hope you cover that too greg!

    The biggest obstacle to making a global collapse work in their favour would be if we established viable local currencies. This is why they have moved to intercept every attempt at one with the fake good intentions and fake support of transition town.

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