Tories Repeal Section 13: Harsha Walia & Harjap Grewal Rejoice!

Harsha & Harjap During the G20 Violence In Toronto

In a private member’s bill put to vote last week the Conservative government repealed the notorious Section 13 of Canada’s Human Rights Act. Section 13 banned communicating over telephone or the Internet of “any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt.” It allowed for communicating truthful information- but people who made pure hate speech were liable to fines of up to $10,000 and damages of up to $20,000.

This must have provided a collective sigh of relief for members of Canada’s Marxist left- racial and gender based hate speech are one of their most cherished tools for repression…

When you are even shocking David Eby, something is up!

Harsha’s love of using hate speech is well-known. Her most famous incident was the debate she had with Derrick O’Keefe after the Black Bloc violence during the 2010 Olympics. Derrick’s position was that it was irresponsible, and pure wrong, to have smashed windows and got into a street fight with the police during the ‘Heart Attack’ incident. Here’s a taste of what happened that day:

Harsha is a revolutionary Trotskyist who believes in the use of violence- and will defend it at all costs. In this case, she attacked Derrick’s stance on non-violence using his race and gender against him. I say ‘at all costs’ because Harsha committed a crime when she was doing this, and was subject to the sanctions prescribed under Section 13. Here- have a look at Harsha’s crime:

Can you believe that this woman is employed by an organization (Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter) that got $335,591 from Vancouver Coastal Health last year? Well, if you were surprised by that, you’d also be surprised that Harsha has received support from CUPE, and NDP MP Don Davies, and Liberal MP Hedy Fry, and NDP Pitt Meadows Councillor David Murray. I’ve notified all of them of who they are dealing with- to my knowledge, not one has taken action to rectify the situation.

Harsha’s partner Harjap Grewal is equally problematic. He’s an employee of the Council of Canadians, and the go-to-man for affairs dealing with the Native Youth Movement (NYM)- if you need to send them money, he’s the man to call.  I’ve mentioned the NYM movement a couple of times before- have a look at this video of theirs:

Not only does the video incite violence and include scenes of children with masks & guns- if you listen closely to the chorus, it says quite clearly: “Take back the land, kill the white man”. This is clearly a violation of Section 13- so, Harjap must be somewhat relieved to see it gone!

Harjap representing the Council of Canadians to the media…

I’ve brought-up the issue of this criminality to the Council of Canadians. I wrote a letter to Maude Barlow, have had several communications, including a direct phone call, with their administrative head Garry Neil, I’ve also written an email to the heads of the Council’s chapters across Canada. To-date, they have taken no action to resolve the violence issues, which began back during the Olympics when the Council was an integral part of bringing Harsha’s Black Bloc into the demonstrations that resulted in the violence.

Despite the repeal of Section 13, Harsha & Harjap’s promotion of racist & sexist tactics are still illegal. Only, rather than being covered under the Human Rights Act, they are now only covered by criminal law. One has to wonder why they haven’t been charged with crimes yet. Since when has it been okay to do this in the name of violence in our country?

And, to the politicians, unions and other organizations that support this type of violent hate- let me give you a warning. You have the opportunity right now to step-out and do something to make a change. I’d suggest you take that now. At the minimum, if you continue to support these people, I will be relentless in my pursuit of justice, and you will be named & shamed. If you wish to keep your positions of leadership in our communities, you must show us that you deserve it…

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