David Eby’s Cop Watch Takes A Shot At The IIOBC!

Back in December, David Eby tweeted his first mention of BC’s new police watchdog- the Independent Investigations Office of British Columbia (IIOBC). I called David on this, questioning if he was being a bit catty in the way he used the word ‘flattering’. After all, David’s BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) sees itself often doing the exact same role. It was obvious to most informed people we would be seeing a power struggle coming our way…

David Eby – Let’s hope he goes with the dinosaurs…


David wrote back to me with one of the most weasel-like letters I’ve seen from a lawyer (and that’s bad!) Not only did David show that he has no understanding of satire- but, he also refused to help us speak out against Harsha Walia’s Black Bloc activities at Occupy Vancouver. That was a shame, because things got bad with the Black Bloc- in one incident, a police officer was bashed in the face with one of their flagpoles. David also denied he was being catty- that was nice to hear- but I’m not sure I believe it.

I wrote back to him the next day expressing my disappointment about his temper tantrum

Well, it seems we may not be seeing the beginnings of this power struggle coming out. First, just as the IIOBC is starting to put-together a staff and an office, Eby has decided it was time to start grandstanding against the RCMP. One has to wonder if this sort of grandstanding is not as dangerous as a violent cop.

Then, today, the David Eby affiliated Vancouver Cop Watch (VCW) put out a very telling message over Twitter:


So, the IIOBC hasn’t even opened yet and Eby’s VCW is already bashing them? It seems that way to me at least- looks like the turf war has just begun. Let’s all hope that Eby and the BCCLA lose this one…

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