Kevin Annett’s (Bad) Relationship With The Squamish Nation (He’s caught lying again!)

Kevin Annett (as one of Jason Bowman’s Jesters)

I was practising my ‘Google-Fu’ skills this afternoon when I found a very interesting letter from the Squamish Nation. It seems that the Squamish are another nation who Kevin Annett have tried to get his bush turkey claws into- but, luckily, the Squamish were sensible enough to push Annett out of their garden.

This letter brings up some interesting questions, and acts as a good study of Annett’s modus operandi. First, and probably most important, is that Annett claimed only a couple of days ago that he has permission to setup one of his kangaroo courts on Squamish land. Well, considering that the Squamish have already said they will have nothing to do with him, he certainly has some explaining to do now. (Alfred Webre too)

Next, notice how the letter is based on one of Annett’s harebrained schemes to disrupt a Vancouver church service. This brings me back to the old days of Occupy Vancouver when I was debating with other occupiers about the sensibility of Occupying the churches. Luckily, we voted against it- but, a few rogue occupiers decided to go ahead and try it regardless. There’s a great video of that moment on an article I wrote a few months ago.

The last, and probably most important, part of this letter is how it points out that Squamish member Gerald Johnston claimed to be hereditary chief of the Squamish nation, but that the majority of the Squamish don’t recognize this claim. In fact, the letter states that Johnston “appears to be having personal issues and delusions.” And, according to this article, there has never been a chief over all the Squamish people in the entire history of their nation!

Now, let’s put this into the context of what is happening with Kevin Annett at Brantford. The Six Nations elders kicked Annett’s ass to the curb a while ago and took away his native name. But, as I wrote on Friday, it is now turning into ‘Animal Farm’ there and Annett’s co-conspirators are busy recruiting radicals to support him- these people are not representing the elders, but Annett is saying that they do.

This is a pattern I’ve seen a lot of with the Marxist crowd. A great example is the ‘sacred fire’ at Occupy Vancouver. Harsha Walia’s crowd positioned the people who lit the fire as ‘elders’ simply because they were over 40. The reality was that none of them were recognized as elders in their own nations- in fact, none of them were even from British Columbia! The same thing happened with the Occupy Toronto sacred fire– only this time, the Mohawk was a Fauhawk from Harsha’s band of malcontents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Just because someone is in their later years it doesn’t mean that they are representative of their nation’s elder council. This is an important point that people need to learn to recognize- because, too many people like Annett & Walia are taking advantage of this ambiguity for nefarious deeds. Ultimately, people get hurt from this sort of misrepresentation.

So, once again, we have caught Kevin Annett in another of his misrepresentations of his relationship with indigenous nations. As I’ve proven time, and time again, Kevin is a man who doesn’t have the ability to show remorse and/or tell the truth. The only question that’s left for me to ponder is whether Annett is a sick man who actually believes his own BS, or if he is consciously trying to defraud people. Time will tell…

Here’ the document from the Squamish Nation:

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