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COPE’s Tim Louis Should Be Deeply Ashamed With Himself!

  A person who is an active member of Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) came to me a couple of weeks ago and warned that Tim Louis has been hanging out with a bad crowd. I have deep trust in this source- but, I almost couldn’t believe what they said at first. I’ve met Tim a couple …

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An Important Message To The People Of Occupy Toronto!

Have you ever wondered how the Activistocrats were able to take control of your movement? How did slimeballs like Sakura Saunders (who supports the use of violence, and uses accusations of racism as a weapon) con you into believing them and supporting their causes? What can you do to stop it?

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This Guy Works For CSIS…

Occupy Toronto & Occupy Vancouver have fallen into a collective psychosis. Every time someone who disagrees with them speaks-out they are almost invariably accused of being a cop, working for CSIS (Canada’s version of MI5), or being a paid agitator. I know one Occupier who has been accused of working for at least eleven different agencies! …

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Is Kate Gram Lying About Her Injuries?

A fellow Occupier came to me last night, expressing her concern that the people involved in the Asseroles (sic) were faking some of their injuries. The thought has resonated in my mind since then- but, it wasn’t until I saw a video of Kate talking about her experience that it hit me this was real.

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Kevin Annett Announces Fake Court Date!

  Well, it seems that notable con-artist Kevin Annett is back up to his old tricks! Annett put-out an official sounding press release on July 1st announcing he will be taking the Canadian government, the Pope, PM Harper, and “big pharma” to court at a hearing in Toronto on July 9th! My friends, can you …

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