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MediaWatch: Stephen Collis, A Good Reason Not To Attend SFU

  School has now ended, and many new graduates are still working on the choice of which university they will attend this fall. Well, let me help you out with this one- if you are planning to get a degree in English, let me recommend that it may be a good choice to avoid SFU. …

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An “Honest” Assessment Of Police Relations From A Vancouver Asseroles (sic) Arrestee

If you want to understand the mindset of the people who were arrested at last week’s Vancouver Casseroles march, there’s an interesting document that has been posted on Facebook by one of their arrestees. Interesting, in a sick & demented kind of a way that is- this guy is way off the charts on the …

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Professor Don Cherry- The Truther Academic Who Got Suckered By A Con Artist!

I’ve written about Professor Anthony James Hall before in my article titled The Truther With An Aversion To The Truth. If you ever felt bad for people who had to go to Lethbridge University, reading about this guy will make you feel even worse for them! If this guy is¬†indicative of the quality of professors …

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Toronto’s CUPE 79 Distributes Cheap Chinese Sweatshop Trinkets In Failed PR Stunt!

In an effort to try and get people to stop hating them, some genius at Toronto’s CUPE Local 79 came up with the brilliant idea to distribute cheap Chinese made trinkets! This counteracts CUPE policy on a couple of levels. First, there is no mention on these goods that they are union made- this is …

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The NDP Vampire Union Squid That Ate Occupy’s Soul…

There is a lot of debate on whether the Canadian Occupy movement was organic, or if it was a construct of the unions. personally, I believe it is a bit of each. It is the unions who put a lot of funding, and who sent a lot of the people who put it together. But, …

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