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Updated: Sid Ryan, Black Bloc Anarchists, And Why We Should Welcome Bill C-377…

Many good-hearted members of Occupy Toronto were tricked on September 17th. The put a lot of hard work into preparing a rally for the anniversary of the Occupy movement. They painted signs, some busked for money to pay for the bus. There was a lot of genuine good-heartedness in their efforts- unfortunately, their good intentions were trampled …

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Occupy Victoria Gone Wild 2: Zoe Blunt Gets Nasty! (feat. Macdonald “End-Is-Nigh” Stainsby)

If you read my article about Occupy Victoria Gone Wild!, you’ve probably been expecting this. Vancouver Island Activistocrat Zoe Blunt has taken another attack on Victoria’s We Are Change (WAC) group. Blunt is a member of an “end-of-the-world” cult called the Deep Green Resistance (DGR). Before we get started, here are a few important facts …

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MediaWatch: Rabble Says Lefty Trolls Don’t Exist! (No, seriously, they actually did!)

I’ve written a lot about Rabble.ca the past few months. They came on my radar after (twice) publishing slanderous lies about me. Both times they took-down the attacks, but they refused to publish retractions. We’ve seen Rabble.ca publish a lot of bullshit since I’ve started following them, like Ethan “80,000” Cox misrepresenting the amount of …

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MediaWatch: Zach Ruiter, Toronto Media Co-Op & BannockGate!

 Update: Zach Ruiter is no longer working with the TMC, but he did produce this video while with them.An intrepid young reporter for the Toronto Media Co-Op (TMC) put together an interesting video titled Bannock Canadian Comfort Food? Devouring Culture. It’s a story about natives, anarchists, YouTube, political correctness and Scottish flat breads. And, just for some spice, I’ll …

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The Story Behind Sasha Wiley-Shaw And Creepy Bittergrrl… (Feat. David Eby & Tim Lewis)

 As you can see from my letter last night, Vancouver adult educator Sasha Wiley-Shaw (the ‘schoolteacher’ label she’s been using to the press is a put-on) is back in the news again. After digging into the story of her latest antics, it’s a bit like history repeating itself- parts of this story mirror what happened …

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