Occupy Victoria Gone Wild 2: Zoe Blunt Gets Nasty! (feat. Macdonald “End-Is-Nigh” Stainsby)

Zoe Blunt (a.k.a. Tracie Parks)- Surprisingly undocumented…

If you read my article about Occupy Victoria Gone Wild!, you’ve probably been expecting this. Vancouver Island Activistocrat Zoe Blunt has taken another attack on Victoria’s We Are Change (WAC) group. Blunt is a member of an “end-of-the-world” cult called the Deep Green Resistance (DGR). Before we get started, here are a few important facts about DGR:

  1. The absolutely believe that the end is nigh. McDonald Stainsby, one of their senior and most respected leaders said just today on the that we have two years left! Stainsby wrote it on a posting in the Rad-Green mailing list- which, curiously, is hosted at the University of Utah. Sidenote: Stainsby is the moderator for this mailing list. The list self-identifies as “Radical anti-capitalist environmental discussion”. One of their rules states that: “This list will not tolerate pseudo- religious fights about Stalin versus Trotsky”. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.
  2. They believe that the only way to save the earth is to immediately incite a revolution, and that the revolution MUST be violent. Their guru, Derrick Jensen publicly supports that people should blow-up dams.
  3. Stainsby has publicly stated that people who stand in the way of their movement (or who promotes pacifism) must be harshly crushed. He has demonstrated this crushing after attacking me through my family. He also took a similarly vicious attack after Tezporah Berman a few years ago after she joined Greenpeace.

So, to summarize, this is an end-of-the-world cult who seem to believe that world has two years left to be saved. They have publicly supported the use of violence- including the use of explosives. And, as the end is nigh, they justify to themselves that it is okay to participate in character assassinations of people who don’t believe them.

Do you see the problem here?

Today Zoe Blunt decided to publish some very serious allegations. The problem is that she hasn’t provided significant evidence to prove her case. Instead, she took some very juvenile ad-hominem attacks labelling Ryan Elson, WAC and a Lawyer named Doug Christie as White Supremacists.

Christie is a right-leaning lawyer who became famous for defending some pretty controversial people. He first came to public attention defending a teacher who told his students there was a Jewish conspiracy in government. He also defended Ernest Zundel- a man who has been incarcerated for Holocaust denial.

I’ve spent a little time studying Mr Christie, and have yet to find any solid evidence that he is a white supremacist. True, he has supported some controversial people- but, if there weren’t lawyers to support theses types of clients, a fundamental part of our court system would be dysfunctional. All people deserve fair and equal representation.

Regardless, besides a Wikipedia link to a list of clients Christie has represented, Blunt has done very little to prove her accusation. David Eby has represented some shady characters in some shady cases– has Blunt judged Eby on the same premises? Of course not.

It’s irresponsible to make such accusations without providing any evidence/reasoning behind it. I leave it as a challenge to Blunt to qualify what she has been saying. Without this, what she’s been doing is only partisan mud-slinging.

Let me give an example of how Blunt could present a case that an organization is racist. I’ll use No One Is Illegal (NoII) as an example. Here’s a video I patched together of NoII and their very close allies the Native Youth Movement:

The music contains a chorus singing “take back the land, kill the white man”- that’s racist, right? They talk about spilling the white man’s blood- that’s violence, right? Same goes with smashing windows. I also included the statement about NoII that “This Organization Is Dangerous”- I back that up with the evidence of their promotion of racially-based violence.

If Blunt can come-up with a coherent argument that WAC, Elson and Christie are white supremacists, she has the moral imperative to provide us with this information immediately- if it’s true, we need to do something about it. Equally, if it isn’t true (which I suspect it isn’t), then the people and organizations involved deserve to have this cleared-up.

And, from now on, can we come to an understanding that it’s unacceptable to come-out with wild allegations like this, without providing the story behind the allegation? People who do this are at the nexus of assholery- it shouldn’t be tolerated any more…

This is the second wicked attack Blunt has taken in two weeks. She was involved with ‘outing’ someone’s sexuality, and now makes undocumented/unexplained allegations against the very same man. If Blunt feels that she deserves to be a leader on environmental issues, she must act with integrity- this is the opposite. It’s time for her to explain her allegations, or apologize for wasting our time…

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