How Anarchists Are Spoiling Environmental & Social Justice Movements (feat. Zoe Blunt & Zach Ruiter)

After a year of investigating, it has become obvious to me that the Canadian environmental movement has been deeply infiltrated by anarchists. Contrary to what one would expect of anarchists, they are incredibly well-organized- on a national scale. They’re also backed (and often financed) by some high-profile people and organizations who have made this infiltration possible.

This article isn’t about the dangers of anarchy- regardless, most of these people can’t be considered to be real anarchists. There are anarchists among them, but most of those who have taken leadership are more connected to Marx & Trotsky than they are to Kropotkin. They’re entryist radicals from the NDP’s socialist community. Entryists operate a lot like evangelist religions- with a violent twist. They send their members to join other organizations- sometimes they will acknowledge where they’re from, more often they won’t. They then work together secretly, using tactics like the Delphi Technique to manipulate the crowd. Then, people who aren’t so easily manipulated are subjected to vicious social (and sometimes physical) violence.

Once the anarcho-socialists have control of an organization, they’ll begin changing policies and morphing it’s focus. One example is how Queers Against Israeli Apartheid have worked so hard to change the face of the Pride festivals in Toronto and Vancouver. Pride was supposed to be all about building unity and solidarity in the GLBT community. By introducing a divisive (and unrelated) issue into the fold, the anarchists have been able to expand their power and influence.

The same thing happened with the Occupy movement. A group of people came together with the intention of searching for solutions for fixing our economic and banking systems. The anarchists came in, secretly manipulated the debate, and the conversation changed from banking & government to violence and identity politics. With all of the division that caused, the anarchists could easily take control.

It’s all part of a well worn pattern that has been going on for many years. The result has been dismal- activist communities are often fractured and divided as a result of their violence. And, as we saw on a large-scale during the Occupy movement, many people who genuinely care about their causes get pushed-aside or they simply give up and walk away.

What’s happening right now in Victoria is an extreme example of the kind of damage that the anarchists can inflict on a community. The anarchists don’t like the people at We Are Change Victoria- they have differing ideas on environmentalism, and most of the people in WAC don’t support the ideas of old-left socialism. So, when the two parties met at Occupy Victoria, they spectacularly clashed.

Here’s where things began to get dirty- you see, anarchists don’t play well with others. Anarchist Tracie Park (a.k.a. Zoe Blunt or Zoe Love) followed the anarchist script and started to label members of WAC as racists. The problem is that she had flimsy evidence that in no way proved her case.

This is less of a problem than you’d think though. The anarchist’s simply blanket the world with their accusations- once they publish them in enough places, people on the outside of the conflict naturally assume they are true. In the case of Victoria, they spread their smears across platforms including the Media Co-Op, Submedia, Scout Magazine, Twitter and Facebook.

Today, Park is taking things to the next level- here, have a look:

What she’s doing here is about as close to stalking as I can imagine. She, and her fellow anarchists, are going to try and crash and interrupt WAC’s meeting. There’s another common pattern I see in this one too (besides the weak racism accusation)- she’s offering free drinks and swag to the people who show up. The anarchists often do this to attract homeless or less fortunate people to their events.

As I’ve been explaining- the anarchists are a problem for all of us, if you disagree with them, they will pull every dirty trick to try and stop you. Not very neighbourly, and not the type of people most activists want to see in their community.

As I’ve been writing this article, a friend pointed out another example of anarchists behaving badly. Anarchist Zach “BannockGate” Ruiter is in the middle of setting up a meeting to discuss actions against a General Electric uranium processing plant here in Toronto. The meeting hasn’t even happened, and the anarchists are already up to their old tricks. Here’s a screenshot from the event’s Facebook page:

Okay now, let’s take some of what we know about the anarchists, and try to guess what their reaction could be. What type of label do you think they’ll try and give this guy – sexist, racist, homophobe?

If you guessed ‘paid agent’ you can pat yourself on the back- you were on the right track. Other choices they could have made would be ‘government agent’ or ‘cop’. You see, the anarchists have very little creativity when it comes to these things.

This isn’t a criticism about socialism or anarchy- it’s about assholery. The anarchist’s bad behaviour is the most valuable tool of the 1% (intentional or not)- they tear apart people who are passionate about very valid causes. Eventually, the organizations they take-over wither and die. The capitalists are laughing all the way to the banker’s convention.

Something needs to change…

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